Small Businesses Facebook Tips to help your business grow

17 Small Businesses Facebook Tips

Facebook is an excellent online tool to help increase business and attract potential customers by sharing critical information about your company. For businesses, a Facebook page with many likes/fans, along with updated content, helps to gain exposure, cultivate relationships, and communicate with your targeted audience. Increasing fans on your business page ensures that your Facebook updates will be seen by more people’s news feed where fans can like your content and share it with their friends. The issue is that Facebook has gotten so large, and there are so many businesses marketing on Facebook that the social network has implemented an algorithm that prioritizes content that gets engagement. That means that if your content gets no likes or comments from a targeted audience, your chances of being seen by the people you’re marketing to significantly decrease. Don’t worry, these 17 simple tips will help you gain fans, and grow your company’s organic reach.

Small Businesses Facebook Tips

Posting Regular Fresh Content on Facebook for Business


1) Post Regular, Fresh Content

If you don’t invest time in maintaining your Facebook page, it will do little to nothing to help your business. When using Facebook as a marketing platform, a considerable amount of time is required in monitoring feedback posted to your Facebook Page, and keeping your page updated with fresh content. You can’t expect to get likes if you leave questions unanswered and fail to encourage conversation. “Research shows that a Facebook post receives half of its reach within 30 minutes. Consequently, you should try to determine when your fans are on Facebook and aim to schedule your posts around that time.” A few tips on content creation:

  • Keep it short & simple
  • Use images, GIFs and if possible video that is uploaded directly to Facebook (the last will get you the most organic reach)
  • Always include a call to action

How to get more engagement likes and loves on Facebook posts

2) Remind Fans to React and Share

Facebook reactions are incredibly powerful. Likes have the least power, so if you can prompt your audience to love or laugh on Facebook, you’ll get a boost on the Facebook algorithm. Create react posts to execute this technique (polls are a great way to sneak this in). Try it out and measure your results. Burger & Lobster restaurant uses these to get their audience involved with their page.

Engage fans to keep them active

3) Interact

The more interactions on a page, the more the Facebook algorithm is positively affected. Make sure you reply to each interaction individually. While you’re at it, personalize the responses. This will build a personal relationship with the peron who left the comment and possibly transform them into a brand ambassador.

4) Use Tagging and Acknowledgments

Status-tagging can drive in new connections. Tag an author or a popular Facebook page to draw attention, but only if you have good reason to do so. For example, selflessly promote a niche-post and how it benefits people who like your page. Be authentic, and the page admin (hopefully the fans as well) will appreciate you for it.

Engaging Images and Videos on Business Facebook Page

5) Use engaging Images and Videos

Rich media like videos get more reach, more attention and help your message stand out in News Feed Lifestyle images like the ones you see from your friends on Facebook are always engaging. Try sharing images of your products or photos of your customers enjoying your services. Greenish and blue-gray hues tend to be less popular compared to colors like aqua, bright red, navy and chartreuse. And open scenes with little activity tend to be unpopular.

Connecting Instagram to Facebook page

6) Instagram-it

You do know that Facebook owns Instagram, right? Something tells us that Instagram posts will be held in high regard & given love by Facebook’s algorithm. Besides, this is a visual medium, and as you read above, images are key. Socialdraft’s PHOTO SHARING FEATURE MAKES THIS A SNAP!

Exclusive Discounts and Promotions on Business Facebook Page

7) Share Exclusive Discounts and Promotions

Offer special deals or perks to your customers to keep them interested and to drive online sales. Include call-to-actions with links to the most relevant page on your website. Valuable offers like buy-1-get-1-free or discounts over 20% are more likely to be shared and it helps spread the word about your business. To improve engagement with your promotions, include clear calls to action, redemption details, and when the promotion ends to add a sense of urgency.

8) Provide Access to Exclusive Information

Reward people who are connected to your Page and drive loyalty and online sales by providing them with exclusive information. Make them feel special by sharing exclusive product news, contests and events.

Facebook Page Contests for Businesses

9) Create Contests

One way to attract Facebook likes and obtain those all-important email signups is by running a contest on your Facebook page. A well designed contest with a fairly valuable prize can land you contact information on hundreds of potential customers. Because when people enter your Facebook contest and provide their email and contact details, they become a new lead. You can run a Facebook contest to meet specific goals. For example, you can run a contest to get new fans, or keep fans engaged, to get new emails and leads, to expand awareness of your brand, or to generate fresh user content. [See 7 Facebook Contest Ideas].

10) Create a Two-Way Conversation

Ask your audience to share their thoughts and feedback on your product and services. This is another way to listen to your customers and improve your business. Posting content that shows you took their feedback into consideration can build customer loyalty and show you value their ideas.

11) Use Power Editor for More Targeting Options

All advertisers have access to Power Editor (as long as you have Google Chrome). Use Power Editor for more advanced targeting and for an easier way to create a campaign involving multiple ads.

12) Test Different Promoted Posts Using “Dark Posts – Now Called Unpublished Posts”

Another feature available through Power Editor. Ever want to test multiple different promoted posts (in terms of image, targeting, and text), but want to avoid annoying your fans with a ton of posts discussing the same thing? With Power Editor, you can create something called a “dark post” that is exactly the same thing as a regular post, but doesn’t appear on your page’s timeline. You can use these posts for advertising purposes to help test different creative, targeting, etc.

13) Target Your Posts

This is a tip for brands that have a high volume of likes. Even with the decline in organic reach, brands can benefit from targeting their posts to specific, relevant likes. If you have a promotion taking place in New York only, for example, target the post to reach only a New York audience.

14) Posts that Contain Just Text Generate a Higher Organic Reach than Posts with Images

There’s no arguing that posts with images tend to stand out more than posts without images, but Facebook provides a higher volume of reach to posts without image content. Consider this when you are posting content that doesn’t necessarily need an image coinciding with it.

15) Use Custom Audiences to Gain Additional Insight about Your E-mail List(s)

Take an e-mail list (prospects, customers, etc.) and upload them to Facebook to create a custom audience. From there, you can layer on things like interests, buying behavior, and other targeting options on Facebook to gauge the interests and behavior of your e-mail list. This can open up the door for new advertising opportunities and can help dictate your e-mail/content strategy.

16) Don’t Use Mobile Ads Unless Your Website is Mobile Friendly

Facebook makes it easy to target users by both desktop and mobile. While it’s tempting to try and reach your target audience as much as possible, if your website isn’t “mobile friendly”, you should avoid serving ads to mobile users.

17) Use Your Page’s Timeline as a Timeline

This is a great feature on Facebook for brands who have been in business for many years. Post your milestones (i.e. when you were founded, location openings, new product launches, etc.) and include a relevant picture to coincide with it).

18) Invite People Who Like Posts to Like Your page

This is the ultimate trick. Sponsor a post, then invite the people who liked that post to like your page. Think of it as a vetted ad, they already showed interest.


19) Use a strong social media management tool like Socialdraft

Socialdraft is an all-in-one social media dashboard. With Socialdraft, you can:

  • Schedule to Facebook pages, Instagram accounts, Pinterest boards, Twitter accounts, and LinkedIn business pages.
  • Identify influencers
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  • and a ton more.

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