How Public Relation Agencies can use social media

Social Media for PR Agencies

A common issue with PR and Marketing agencies is that they take so much time giving love to their clients, that they end up neglecting their brand. This is a huge loss. Why?

  • Social media can easily become a fundamental part of your business that builds your brand and street cred.
  • Social media can drive traffic to your website, earn higher ranks on organic search, and in turn get you more business.
  • Social media can be used to find business opportunities, both for yourself and your clients.

We’ll discuss a few strategies you can use to create a rhythm for your social media presence and so you can achieve all the points we’ve bulletted above.

Social Media for PR Agencies

1. Share Client Successes

The best kind of testimonial is one that comes directly from your client. The second best is when you share their successes on your social media accounts. This shows that your clients are successful, associated with you, and in turn that you are a reason for their success.

2. Share Branded Stories

No, I am not telling you to slap your logo on a picture and share this. What I am telling you to do is to share your accomplishments on Social Media. Introduce new hires and tout their abilities. If someone on your team gets an award, share it and congratulate them. Share new accredditations. This will build a brand that shows you care about your people, and in turn you must care about your customers. It also lets people know just how good you are.

3. Be creative about presenting your content

Your audience may be a little different than most people on social media. In fact, it probably is. You’re probably communicating to press, bloggers, customers, and consumers. You need a way to package your stories in a way that it appeals to each of them. This could mean that you choose which audience you communicate to on which social network.

You may choose LinkedIn for press and bloggers. This way you can push out more traditional content such as press releases.

On Twitter, which is audience heavy, you may want to choose to share your client successes.

On Facebook, where you may decide to market to potential clients, you may choose to share statistical information, infographics, studies…

But regardless of the type of information you are pushing out, keep it fresh and exciting.

4. Monitor Social for Potential Opportunities

You can set up something like Google Alerts, but their search is quite broad and often wrong, so look for opportunities on Social media.

Think about it this way. Journalists love Twitter. It helps them to push out their content and search for new stories. They are busy and don’t have time.  Twitter is a constantly moving stream of stories where they constantly look for content.

5. Build Relationships with Press

As mentioned before, press loves social media. It is a fantastic way to get your content our there. You need to go where the press is and begin to engage them. Find journalists on Twitter and Instagram. Follow them and build those relationships. This way when you have a good story, you can pitch them easily. You can also monitor industry hashtags like #journorequest to keep an eye on opportunities (this also works wonders with our alerts system. When you set up your alerts on Socialdraft, make your alert super specific by combining #journorequest + subject (#journorequest +Daniel Boulud), or Client Name + Industry. The opportunities are endless.

6. Content Marketing

All PR and Marketing firms should be investing time and a little money on content marketing. Your shared content should not be coming 100% from outside sources. You need to create a blog on your website to brand and promote yourself. This does not mean that you’ll be tooting your own horn all over these blog posts. Here you will follow the 80/20 rule. Create content that is helpful to your potential clients. Create content that shows off the successes of your clients, AND share this content to social media to ramp up click thru to your site.

Social Public Relations are a lot more complicated than this, but this is a great starting point so you don’t neglect your firms social presence. It could cost you customers and money.

7. LinkedIn Publishing

This is a HUGE opportunity, but before I get into why, understand that on LinkedIn it should be a lead team person or executive that publishes to LinkedIn. Why? They are the authority and you don’t want the voice of your company on this marketing platform to be a newbie or an intern. Second, newbies and interns leave…think about what happens when they do…

Your executives are probably not on social media, they are busy and don’t have the time. This is one time we recommend they make the time. LinkedIn is the professional platform and they now offer super easy publishing. This is the equivalent of sharing on an industry publication and the content gets seen significantly quicker than it would on an industry pub (just think about how many LinkedIn notifications you get daily).

8. Create Twitter Lists and Facebook Interests

Both of these allow you to categorize people and accounts into groups so that you can view the newsfeed and sort out all the rest of the clutter. This is a great tool for content curation and to stay on top of the news. On Twitter, it is great when you need to access say all “Restaurant Bloggers” or “Jewelry Press” and is one of our favorite tools for Social Media for PR Agencies.

How to Manage your Social Media Accounts

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