Why Social Media is important to SEO

How Social Signals Play a Major Role In Your SEO Strategy

If you haven’t figured it out already, Social Media plays a major role in SEO. Not just because of the traffic it drives (Pinterest/Facebook leading the pack here). At the beginning of the year, Social software company Shareaholic claimed social media referral traffic was up over 20% from last year. In December 2014, the top 8 social networks drove 31.24% of overall traffic to web sites, and included Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Shareaholic’s report confirms social media’s role as a traffic driver over the past several years. The question that arises now is how social signals, such as tweets, likes, and Pluses, may influence search rankings? While social media is correlated with improved rankings, “it is not” part of Google’s search algorithm. So it’s not really social activity that is the direct driving force, but what happens as a consequence of that activity.

How Social Signals Become Social Shares

In other words, the real value occurs when social signals are converted into social shares — when your content is shared and linked to by other people. When social links originate from trusted social media platforms, they can drive traffic, and increase your visibility. One thing is clear — social media plays a major part in initiating and maintaining a thriving SEO strategy.

But in order for those links to have the maximum effect, make sure your social profiles and bios are optimized with links back to your main website. Adding links in your social media profiles will really boost your SEO efforts. And since social signals indirectly influence search rankings, why not take advantage of this knowledge by stepping up your social media presence.

The influence on a search engine results page (SERP), the listing of results returned by a search engine in response to a keyword query, from Social platforms like StumbleUpon and Tumblr, is on the rise. And these platforms have millions of regular users.

Quality Content

As always, be it a website, blog or social media, quality content is of the utmost importance in gaining attention and driving traffic. So you should always strive to include prime content targeted to accommodate your social media audience in order to facilitate more traffic to your site.

You should also continue to comment and respond regularly and in a timely manner on social media. Staying engaged on social media will help in establishing even more links to your social sites, and further contribute to improving your SEO effort.

According to Google’s 200 Ranking Factors, Site-wide social signals may increase a site’s overall authority, which will increase search visibility for all of its pages. The more traffic that is directed to your site from trusted social channels, the more your site’s perceived value and authority.

No-Follow Links

Another consideration is that while many social sites have changed all of their outbound links to no-follow, those no-follow links still drive traffic. Google values traffic that flows from social signals, making no-follow links from your social media profiles valuable as well, because Google makes note of these social signals. As we mentioned earlier, the real value comes when those social signals become social shares.

After reading all this, what are you waiting for? You know How Social Signals Play a Major Role In Your SEO Strategy, so get started with Socialdraft today to increase the traffic to your site.