Socialdraft lets you save content so you can use it later

Socialdraft Categories for Evergreen Content

Social Media takes tons of time. That’s why we decided to create a tool to save you time, Socialdraft Categories. This feature works as a sort of library where you can store previously used content so you can access it and re-use it whenever you want. We absolutely love this feature, especially on social networks like Twitter where content can be lost in the noise.


How does Socialdraft Categories For Evergreen Content Work?

  1. You create categories for your pages. These can be anything you want, for example: memes, consumer education, features, etc.
  2. When you create a post select one (or multiple categories) for this post.
  3. Later, when you need to quickly recycle some content, go to the calendar and drill down by category.
  4. Once the calendar loads, simply click on the post you want to re-use and duplicate it.

This feature is going to save you tons of time and keep you organized.

If you have any questions on this feature, or any of the other cool features we offer, just open up a chat (look on the bottom left hand corner of the page), or check out our demo.

You can also sign up for our risk free trial and take this feature for a spin.