New Feature: Socialdraft Guests & Managers

February 14, 2017

Socialdraft guests can be used for clients

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What’s This?

One of the most requested features by our agency users was to have guests invited to the dashboard. They told us that some of their clients were asking for a way to review posts and leave notes before they posted. Socialdraft already offers downloadable calendars (you can send them as PDF to clients), but we thought this would be a great idea for those of you who have clients who are more hands-on. Since you asked, we now deliver: Socialdraft Guests!

Socialdraft Guests

What are Socialdraft Guests?

Socialdraft guests are people you can invite to have access to the Socialdraft dashboard, but with restrictions.

What Can Socialdraft Guests Do?

Socialdraft guests can view scheduled content and leave notes about posts that need approval on the dash. Say you are an agency, but you have a client that requires a bit more access. you will be able to invite them as guests, give them access to view a one or multiple calendars, and make internal comments on posts that have been set up to require approval. The approval still must be done by an account admin. Guest can also filter to see posts between accounts they have access to.

What Can’t Socialdraft Guests Do?

Guests can’t see alerts, feeds, or settings. They can’t re-schedule or move posts, they can’t delete posts, or duplicate them.

How are Socialdraft Guests Different than Team Members

Team members get a ton more access than guests. A team member could be a member of your organization, an intern, or a freelancer. Team members can be given permission to create content, have access to alerts, and the all in one inbox.

Socialdraft Managers

Socialdraft managers have a more power than regular sub users or guests, but less power than account owners.

What Can Socialdraft Managers Do?

Socialdraft managers can create, schedule, and reschedule content for the social networks the account admin assigns to them. Along with these functions, Managers are also able to (with account owner’s permission):

  1. Work in the alerts section (view, share, but cannot add keywords)
  2. Pull reports (view, generate, download)
  3. Work on Instagram (search, like, follow, unfollow)
  4. Work on the all-in-one inbox (view, like, retweet, and comment)
  5. Approve sub user posts
  6. Filter on the content & task calendars
  7. Bulk upload via CSVs

All posts that are created by manager are considered approved.

What Can’t Socialdraft Managers Do?

There are a few things that a manager can’t do, including:

  • Add or remove social media profiles
  • Assign tasks to others
  • Download content calendars
  • Create or update billing options
  • Delete users
  • Create campaigns or categories
  • Add/delete or edit URL Shortener
  • Populate calendars
  • Change timezone on admin

What Else Can I do With Socialdraft?

Socialdraft allows you to manage Social media across the major social networks: Facebook (pages & groups), LinkedIn Business Pages, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

With Socialdraft you can collaborate with multiple people to create content, engage an audience, and even pull analytics on your Social Media.

Socialdraft also includes some incredible time saving tools such as CSV bulk uploading, post duplication, and Instagram reposts to other social networks.

Curious about Socialdraft? Take us for a spin. We offer a risk-free trial. If you find we’re not the right fit for your business, just cancel before the trial period is over. Super easy and super simple.

Want to take Socialdraft for a trial, click here. 

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