Socialdraft Features You’re Going to Love

We checked out all your support and request tickets and released some really cool stuff. First, thanks for all the ideas. Many of these were your requests…we want more…so if there’s something you want, let us know by sending us an email. Without further ado, Socialdraft features you’re going to love:

Socialdraft Features You’ll Love



This one is great for anyone who works with a team (or with a client that likes to micromanage). With collaboration, you can set up people in your team (and clients) so that they have access only to certain social accounts, and only to certain areas within those accounts. It’s super easy to set someone up and to remove them when needed. What kind of users can you set up?

  • Admin: This is the person who owns the account (most likely you). This person has control over the entire dashboard and back-end items such as billing.
  • Manager: This person can be given almost all access to the site, except for back-end items such as billing.
  • Sub-User: A sub-user can be allowed to schedule and post content to a page. They can also be given access to Instagram tools, the Socialdraft Queue, the Engagement Inbox.
  • Managed Sub-Users: These are almost the same as sub-users. The difference is that while they can schedule content, the content won’t publish unless it is approved by an admin.
  • Guests: These are the users with the least power. Most of our users use this setting to give access to clients. Guests can access only the social networks you choose. They cannot edit, delete or re-schedule content, but they can leave notes on posts for your team.



You can now connect Instagram accounts to Socialdraft. You and your team can schedule posts to all the accounts. But that’s not all. With Socialdraft’s Instagram tools, you can:
  • Schedule posts to one or multiple Instagram accounts
  • Search for posts by keyword
  • Schedule reposts of those posts to all your other connected social networks



We love as much as you do (especially since Tweets that useURLsS shortened with Bitly get significantly more re-tweets). That’s why you can now set up your custom bitly to track your social media performance.



With campaigns, you can set up groups of social accounts. This allows you to schedule and post the same message to multiple social networks in just one shot. This suggestion came to us via our Facebook page.



You can pull reports for Facebook AND Twitter. We even have white label options.


Drag & Drop Calendar


Our drag and drop calendar allows you to schedule posts to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for as long as you like. You can schedule an entire month…even an entire year. It also allows you to drag & drop a post to reschedule it AND to duplicate posts you want to repeat.

CSV Posting


You can bulk schedule lots (and we mean lots) of posts on social media by utilizing our CSV posting feature. You can choose a time zone, you can have us TrueTime your post, AND your images will look gorgeous when they post to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn