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August 29, 2017

You can filter quickly by social network by clicking a button on Socialdraft


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What’s This?

The Socialdraft social media scheduling tool is made so that teams can easily manage multiple clients with multiple social media accounts. This can get confusing. Opening up a calendar with tons of posts can be hard to read. That’s why Socialdraft has multiple filtering options, our latest is a “quick filter” by Social Network.

Socialdraft Quick Filter Options


To quickly see all the posts for only one social network, simply click its icon on top of the calendar. It is really that simple to drill down on your calendar.

Other Socialdraft Filtering Options

There are lots of other filtering options on Socialdraft. You can filter by:

How to publish by status on Socialdraft

Filter by Post Status

  • Draft
  • Pending
  • Published
  • Error

Socialdraft has robust post filtering options

Filter by Social Network & Account

  • Facebook (pages & groups)
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest

Filter by a set of social networks on Socialdraft


Campaigns allow you to combine any set of social networks together. Great for managing clients with multiple locations or just one client’s social media accounts.

You can filter by types of posts on the Socialdraft calendar


Socialdraft allows you to create any categories of your choice. You can tag posts with whatever categories you want to make it easier to find them.

Filter by the team member who created the social media post

Sub User

Socialdraft allows you to drill down on the calendar according to the user that created the post be they a managed user, regular user, admin, owner, or client.

A Social Media dashboard that lets you find posts by keyword


Simply enter a keyword and any posts that have been scheduled with that work will come up on your calendar.

These filtering options are all a part of the Socialdraft dashboard and come with all other Socialdraft features:

  • Scheduling to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram
  • Easily creating recurring posts
  • Easily duplicating posts
  • Easily re-scheduling posts with a drag & drop option
  • Pulling reports
  • Finding influencers
  • Reposting Instagram content to all your connected networks and much more

If you’re ready to take Socialdraft for a spin, simply sign up for your Socialdraft risk-free trial.

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