St. Patrick’s Day Hashtags for Instagram & How to Use Them

January 17, 2019

Hashtags for St. Patrick's day to help you get more likes and comments


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What’s This?

St. Patrick’s day may have started off as a celebration of one of the most favored Saint, but now it has become a huge marketing opportunity for all types of businesses including bars, restaurants, breweries, and – of course – any retailer that sells green apparel. Today we’ll discuss how to market your Instagram posts so they get the most organic views from the right audience, but before we get to that, take a few seconds to copy the St. Patrick’s Day Hashtags below and to save them into your smart phone so you can use them before, during, and after the holiday.

St. Patrick’s Day Hashtags for Instagram

#stpatrick #shamrock #kissme #charms #luckycharms #stpatricksday #drink #parade #green #irish #ireland #paddy #paddysday #flag #party #luckoftheirish #potofgold #shamrock #kissme #kissmeimirish #spring #clover #greenday #gotgreen #stpattysday #beer #guinness #shenanigans #boozy

How to Use Your St. Patrick’s Day Hashtags for Instagram

Everyone’s Irish on St. Patrick’s day (March 17). You’ll see crowds of revelers dressed in green, sporting beads, and hats ready to celebrate this holiday not just in Ireland, but all over the world: Britain, United States, Canada, New Zealand, Argentina, and Australia. This is why it is important that you mix the St. Patrick’s day hashtags we gave you above with all other types of tags. The ones above are general to the holiday. These will help you get seen by tons of people and give you a chance to get into “Top Posts”. But, your business has needs and special goals. This means that the tags above are just a starting point. You need to mix those with other types of hashtags in order to actually see an ROI out of your Instagram efforts. Starting today, I want you to think of Instagram as a mini search engine and hashtags as your keywords to get found.

PRO TIP “Ignore anyone who tells you using too many  hashtags is bad. Use all 30 hashtags that are allowed by Instagram so that you have more chances to be found”

Tips to get the most out of your St. Patrick’s Day Hashtags for Instagram

Before you go ahead and learn about the different hashtag combinations you need to use, we need to touch base on one thing. You can’t expect to post to Instagram only the day before St. Patrick’s day and for your business to be filled with people. Instagram requires commitment. If you expect to get a return on investment on your Instagram posts,  you MUST schedule daily Instagram posts consistently, and engage and grow your audience. The Socialdraft social media calendar tool is the perfect thing to help you with this. With Socialdraft you can

  • schedule Instagram posts to multiple accounts
  • search for content by hashtag
  • schedule reposts of those images to Instagram and all your other social networks
  • AND manage your other social media accounts: Facebook pages, Pinterest boards, LinkedIn business pages, and Twitter accounts

First, you need to Post Daily

You’re busy, but you won’t be for long if your competition steals your clients. Posting to Instagram takes just a few seconds, and if you schedule your posts ahead on our social media calendar tool, you’ll never forget to post.

Engage your audience

After you publish, make a little time to engage your audience. Use the Socialdraft hashtag search tool to check out posts from people in your city, neighborhood, and state; as well as people who are engaging your competitors. Like their posts, follow them and comment on their posts. This is the best way you can earn their attention in order to convert them.

PRO TIP “Socialdraft offer s a risk free trial .

Use a Mix General Industry & St. Patrick’s Day Hashtags

Combine industry and holiday hashtags for St. Patrick's Day

When you post to Instagram you want to ascertain that you are seen by the right people, this means you need to use industry-specific hashtags. Take this example from the Black Thorn Pub. First, they are posting a post to get people prepped way ahead of time. This is incredibly smart. Then, they include industry hashtags to reach people who may actually be interested in going to the event #djtoro #gabrielwizard #pub #nightclub #nightlife #party #fun #goodtimes #dj #djlife #producer

Mix Location & St. Patrick’s Day Hashtags

If you are a local business or brand you need to incorporate location hashtags into your St. Patrick's Day posts

Local businesses and services (such as bakers, restaurants, relailers or even doctors) need to be found by local audiences. These are the people who can convert into clients. This is why you need to add location hashtags to your St. Patrick’s Day posts. Hawaii’s Best Kitchens features eateries and restaurants in Hawaii. Sure, this post is scrumptious, but their audience is located mainly in Hawaii. Notice their use of #chocoleahawaii #manoa #madeinhawaii #mint #hawaiisbestkitchens to attract their ideal set of eyes.

Associated Brand & St. Patrick’s Day Hashtags

Trend jack by using associated hashtags

A great way to grow your audience is to appeal to the audience of associated brands. Gather & Gown has a gorgeous hashtag strategy. They are using a combination of hashtags that are associated to the holiday #stpatricksday #stpattysday (for those wives who are looking for a St. Patrick’s Day wedding),  industry hashtags #bridesmaids #bridesmaid dress #wedding #jewelry #accessorize, and hashtags for an associated brand #sayyestothedress, a popular show that showcases women looking for a perfect wedding dress. That means that ladies who are surfing the hashtag have a chance to see this gorgeous dress.

Unique Branded Hashtags

Use branded hashtags to convert your audience into a marketing army

Baileys Irish Cream is synonymous with St. Patrick’s day. For this post featuring a cocktail recipe, they go beyond using just St. Patrick’s Day hashtags. Note the hashtag #betterwithbaileys. This is their custom branded hashtag. When you click over to their hashtag, you can see that other people are creating content using their product and using their custom hashtag. This serves two purposes. First, it is proof that Social Media is pushing sales; second, it is converting that person into a brand advocate.

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How to Manage Your Instagram Accounts

Socialdraft is an all-in-one Social Media Dashboard that helps you manage Instagram. It is the most robust and simple tool for agencies and teams to effectively handle social media. With Socialdraft you can:

Schedule posts to Facebook pages, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn Business Pages, and Pinterest Boards
Schedule posts individually, as recurring posts, or bulk upload them as CSV
Easily re-schedule with a drag & drop action
Schedule GIFs to Facebook and Twitter
Download content calendars as PDF
Find content on Instagram and easily schedule reposts not just to Instagram but to all other social networks
Engage on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin
Download Facebook and Twitter reports
and tons more…

If you are curious about Socialdraft, take it for a risk-free trial. You’ll get to try out all the features and decide if Socialdraft is right for you.

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