A list of optimized Summer hashtags to help you get more organic reach on your Instagram posts

Summer Hashtags For Instagram

The first day of Summer is always exciting. What’s even more exciting is that you can use the Summer Solstice to get more eyes on your brand, your business, and your products on Instagram. But it takes more than a beautiful picture and a well thought out write up to get the attention of your targeted audience. It takes the perfect Summer hashtags. Take a few seconds to copy and save these hashtags. Then read on to learn how to combine them with other hashtags to get the perfect mix to attract the perfect audience to your posts.

Summer Hashtags for Instagram

#SummerSolstice #LongestDay #Summer #Sunrise #Sunset #FirstDayOfSummer #Summer2018 #SunShine #Beach #Hot #SummerTime #SummerFun #SummerDay #SummerNight #SummerBody #SummerLove #Sun #Sunny #SummerWeather

How to Use Your Summer Hashtags for Instagram


You’re taking a great step now in researching hashtags, but once you’ve got the images, write ups, and hashtags set you need to do a few more things in order to build a committed convertible audience:

Post on Daily

Posting daily (or almost daily) will help to keep you in the eyes of your audience. Once you stop posting, or you take a break, Instagram’s algorithm kicks in and gives you less priority in the feed. This means that your fans will have to search a hashtag longer to find you. If your competitors are on Instagram, then this makes it so they can engage your audience and steal them right under your feet.

Engage your audience

Posting daily (or consistently) is a good start, but now you need to get out there. Instagram is a push and pull. So, push out content and pull in your audience by engaging them. Search for people creating content around your hashtags or industry and take some time to follow them and like their posts. This is a vetting process. Once they have done this, you can move further to engage them in conversation and eventually convert them (be that a website view, a purchase or a content share). The Socialdraft social media calendar tool can help you with all this.

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Use a Mix Industry Specific & Summer Hashtags

To earn the attention of people who are interested in your business use brand specific hashtags

Crafter’s Union, a wine producer was very smart about this post. They used the coming Summer season to promote their Pinot Noir. Note that their hashtags aren’t just about Summer. This post is an almost perfect post. They use a Summer hashtag (#FirstDayOfSummer), and an industry hashtag (#PinotNoir). This makes it so that people who are searching either hashtag have a higher chance of being exposed to their post and therefore getting to know their wines. On top of that, they have included a few others we’ll discuss in a few such as location hashtags and branded hashtags. Proof of ROI is right in the post. Someone inquired about making a sale. The only thing I would have changed on this post would be to utilize the maximum amount of hashtags to increase their reach even more.

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Mix Location Hashtags & Summer Hashtags

How to get people in your area to see your Instagram posts

Hotel Urban in Brisbane is using a very smart hashtag technique here. Note their use of location hashtags:

#heatwave #brisbanehotels #visitbrisbane #firstdayofsummer #bne #brisbaneanyday #brisbanesummer 

These hashtags make it so that anyone who is on Instagram searching those tags has a chance to see their posts. It’s a great discovery engine for them for local traffic and for travelers. They missed some opportunities by not using all 30 hashtags allowed by Instagram. They could have used more hashtags for the travel industry to get in front of the eyes of travelers.

Use Product Hashtags & Custom Brand Hashtags

Use a custom hashtag for your brand

Associated Brand Hashtags

Lima and Company understands how to maximize their Instagram reach with the use of hashtags. They are using Summer hashtags, industry hashtags, but most importantly they are using the hashtags of two associated brands that are shown in the image (#angelswhisper #spicysugar). This makes so much sense. First of all, it lets their audience know they are partnered with high quality suppliers. It also makes it so that people who are looking at those hashtags on Instagram will have a higher chance to run into this post, click over, and eventually make a purchase.

Custom Brand Hashtags

They have also created a custom brand hashtag #limaandco. It is a smart way to get their customers to post images of their Lima and Co purchases and convert them into a marketing army.

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If you utilize a healthy combination of all these types of hashtags, and use the right tools to manage your Instagram, you’ll be set for success.

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