How to tag someone on your Instagram stories to get more engagement

How to Tag Someone on Your Instagram Stories

If you’ve been feeling down a bit, this should perk you right up. Instagram has just announced three awesome features for their Snapchat clone stories. You can now tag friends, create Boomerangs, and (soon) add links to your Stories (right now this is only available to verified accounts).

How to Tag Someone on Your Instagram Stories


To @tag (mention) someone on your Instagram story, simply create the story and click the Aa icon. Then type in your write up and the @ symbol plus the handle for the person you want to tag. You can watch the video above to see how easy this is. Once your story is uploaded, the video will come up on the other account’s inbox. If you tag someone who does not follow you, the notification will come up on your requests folder.

How Many People Can I Tag on Instagram Stories

The answer is 10. But this could look ugly and spammy since this shows right over the video. So I say use this sparingly.

Links on Instagram Stories

As mentioned, URL links are only available to verified accounts. For them, Instagram allows them to add URL links to the stories. Their viewers will be able to tap a button and be taken to the website they desire, but within Instagram. This will be an awesome feature for actors, brands, and online shops.

Instagram also added a Boomerang capability which means that you can now create a normal video story or a video loop story.

These features should be a great way to increase your engagement, get views by new targeted followers, and increase your ROI. Just be careful of how you use this tool so you don’t get unfollowed or marked as spam.

How to Manage Instagram Using Socialdraft


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What Else Does Socialdraft Do?

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