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 Although the Chinese New Year starts officially on February 5th, 2019, and ends on February 19th, the celebration actually begins on January 28th, and last until New Years’ Eve. That means that if your business is at all related to Chinese New Year, a Chinese demographic, or if you are creative enough that you can market your brand or business around this holiday, you should plan well ahead of time. If your marketing plans for Chinese New Year involve Instagram, then you will need these Year of the Pig hashtags to reach an audience that converts. Take a few seconds to copy and save these hashtags, then read on for our tips and ideas on Year of the Pig Instagram marketing ideas.

Chinese New Year – Year of the Pig Hashtags

Optimized Chinese New Year Hashtags

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What is Chinese New Year and How Can You Market Your Brand or Basiness During this Holiday?

Chinese New Year is a tradition that has been around for over 2,000 years. It deals with family, togetherness, friends. Some consider it Chinese Valentine’s Day. The holiday is usually celebrated with events like:

  • Moon Gazing
  • Riddles
  • Lion dances
  • Rice Balls
  •  And…of course, the Lantern Festiva ( Yuan Xiao 元宵节)

Why the Year of The Pig?

Since the Chinese New Year is related to the Chinese Zodiac, each year is based on one of its symbols. This year happens to fall on the year of the Pig (the 12th animal in the Zodiac). Legend says that the Pig was chosen to be 12th by the Jade Emperor because he arrived late due to oversleeping (if your business is about sleep, mattresses, or caffeinated beverages, you can piggyback on this).

The pig is also related to the Earth, the hours of 9-11 at night, is a symbol of yin and wealth. So again, these are all opportunities for brands and businesses to associate themselves with the holiday.

Year of the Pig Hashtags & How to Use Them

Industry Hashtags

Year of the Pig Hashtags

If you want to attract customers, then you need to target those who are interested in your industry. Illustrator Levy has gorgeous images and they are super smart about Instagram hashtags. Note how the post uses both Year of the Pig hashtags AND industry hashtags such as #illustrationlove #artandillustration #editorialillustration #pigillustration #digitalart and #animalart. Using these hashtags will increase Levy’s chances of being found for people who are actually looking for any of those subjects on Instagram.

Location Hashtags

How to use Year of the Pig Hashtags

If you are a local service or business, it does you no good if the people who engage your post are not in your geographic area. This is why it is so important for you to include location hashtags as well as Year of the Pig hashtags on your Instagram photos. Neill & Emily of the Corner Pantry in Baltimore includes location hashtags such as #baltimoreeats. By doing this, they are giving themselves a chance to be discovered by those searching Instagram by location. It’s a great way to get butts in seats.

Related Brand Hashtags

Year of the Pig hashtags will work better if you use hashtags for related brands

BlingBlingGoldOrange understands the power of hashtags. They are featuring Becca Cosmetics new item celebrating Year of the Pig. They go beyond just @ tagging the brand and also include their branded hashtags in the post. Now, BBGO has a chance to be discovered by those who are searching for Becca Cosmetics, its an audience that is vetted and has a higher chance to convert.

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Chinese New Year is a great opportunity for more than just Chinese restaurants to market themselves on Social Media. If your business has anything to do with Chinese culture, you can take advantage of this holiday. On top of that, if your brand or business is related to any of the animals associated to Chinese New Year, you can also hop on the bandwagon and get a little more exposure for your brand. Those animals are the Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig. Before you get started on promoting your brand or business on Instagram for the holiday, copy the Chinese New Year hashtags below. They will help you market yourself on Social Media before and during the Chinese New Year…if you’re not too familiar on the holiday, keep reading after the listed tags. This will help you to figure out the best way you can associate your brand with the holiday.

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Optimized Chinese New Year Hashtags

#ChineseNewYear  #Cny2019 #HappyChineseNewYear #Leisee #Liondance #Familytime ##hkig #HongKong #Red #Lunarnewyear #Fireworks #Celebrate #Cold #Wishingtree #Lamtsuen #Chinatwon #Parade #Cny #Redpacket #Holidays #February #Happy #Warm #Vacation #Chineseculture

This holiday, also known as the “Spring Festival” (Chinese: 春节; pinyin: Chūn jié), is celebrated at the turn of the traditional lunisolar Chinese calendar.

The celebration starts on the evening preceding the first day and goes until the Lantern Festival on the 15th day of the first calendar month.

The first day of Chinese New Year falls on the new moon (January 21 and February 20).

List of Chinese New Year’s Dates 2016 to 2030

2016-02-08 Monkey (2016-02-08—2017-01-27)
2017-01-28 Rooster (2017-01-28—2018-02-15)
2018-02-16 Dog (2018-02-16—2019-02-04)
2019-02-05 Pig (2019-02-05—2020-01-24)
2020-01-25 Rat (2020-01-25—2021-02-11)
2021-02-12 Ox (2021-02-12—2022-01-31)
2022-02-01 Tiger (2022-02-01—2023-01-21)
2023-01-22 Rabbit (2023-01-22—2024-02-09)
2024-02-10 Dragon (2024-02-10—2025-01-28)
2025-01-29 Snake (2025-01-29—2026-02-16)
2026-02-17 Horse (2026-02-17—2027-02-05)
2027-02-06 Sheep (2027-02-06—2028-01-25)
2028-01-26 Monkey (2028-01-26—2029-02-12)
2029-02-13 Rooster (2029-02-13—2030-02-02)
2030-02-03 Dog (2030-02-03—2031-01-22)

Legend says that the Nian was an evil being that would eat children, that was until the people thought it may be a good idea to hide from this evil creature. An old man came to the people and before they went into hiding, he said he would stay and face the beast. He stayed and defeated the beast with fireworks and by covering the town in red papers. Turns out The Nian was very scared of these and never returned.

Chinese New Years Instagram Marketing Ideas

Combine Industry & Chinese New Years Hashtags

Get more eyes on your instagram posts by using industry tags

Using Chinese New Year hashtags will help you get more likes and comments. When you include a set of industry hashtags, you’ll get likes and comments from people who can convert. Take the example above from artist Endre Penovac. His painting is related to Chinese New Year. He has used hashtags related to the holiday to reach out to a broad audience who may be interested in this, but this is a much harder sale than reaching out to those who are interested in and actually browsing for the following hashtags on Instagram: #artforsale #ink #watercolor #dynamic #aquarelle #endrepenovac #saatchi #art #gallery #artist #endre #penovac #chineseart.

Create a Special Product

Promote products that are red and gold on Chinese New Year

German sneaker brand Adidas created a special edition pack all decked out in red to celebrate the holiday. Follow their lead by either creating or promoting products that are red or gold or both for this holiday.

Mix Location and Chinese New Year Hashtags

Use location hashtags to attract a local audience during Chinese New Year

If you are a local business or service provider (like a restaurant or a hairdresser), make sure to include location hashtags with your posts so you can reach out to a local audience. HKK uses #hkklondon and #london to reach people in their area.

Create a Special Packaging

This Cognac-based spirit created a special edition package to celebrate the holiday.


Kicked up their engagement with this gorgeous video of the celebration.

Jamie Oliver

Chef Jamie Oliver created a post on his website showcasing Chinese recipes that could be turned into a quick Chinese New Year Celebration.

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