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Giving Tuesday is celebrated the Tuesday after Thanksgiving and is part of the many holidays of the fall and winter season including Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The biggest difference is that this holiday was created in the spirit to get people to be more altruistic and charitable. This holiday is all about philanthropy, but that does not mean that this holiday can only be used for marketing by non-profits. If you are a smart brand, business or service, it is good for you to align yourself with this type of event. Today we’ll discuss how to market your business on this day on Instagram. But, before you read on, take a few seconds to copy the following Giving Tuesday Hashtags. They will be the foundation for your Giving Tuesday Instagram strategy.

Giving Tuesday Hashtags

#GivingTuesday @GivingTuesday2017 #IamGrateful #Charity #CharityEvent #Giving #Charities #UnSelfie #NonProfit #NonProfitOrganization #Humanitarian #HumanitarianAid #CharityChallenge #Volunteering #Causes #Donate #Activism #DoGood #DoGoodFeelgood #FundRaising #FundRaisingEvent #Philanthropy #givingback 

How to Use Giving Tuesday Hashtags

Collaborate with a Charity & Use their Hashtag

Using a charity's custom hashtag will associate you with their cause

The NFl and players such as Edwin Jackson participated in an incentive called #MyCauseMyCleats. Each player would wear custom cleats to bring awareness for a cause of their choice. Jackson chose Hope For Justice. Note his use of #MyCauseMyCleats in order to let people know why he was showing his cleats on Instagram. Whenever people search the campaign on Instagram, they have a chance to click through and learn what cause is important to him. This post would have been even more successful if he used the hashtag #HopeForJustice.

Include Location Hashtags

How to use location hashtags on Giving Tuesday

There are two ways to use location hashtags on Giving Tuesday. First, if you are participating in a local event. In this case you will want to use location hashtags so that people in your geographical area will have a chance to see your post. The second is to use location hashtags if you are involved with a charity that serves a special location. Project Picture Day did a fantastic job at both of these. First, by tagging #NYC, they can ascertain that they will get exposed to people in NYC who may want to get involved or donate. Then, by tagging #Haiti #DominicanRepublic and #Philippines so that people interested in those locations are made aware of their efforts.

Mix in Industry Hashtags

Industry hashtags will make it so you can be seen by people interested in your business

If you are working towards getting donations on Giving Tuesday, you need to include industry hashtags. People who are interested in your industry are more likely to donate to your cause. Check out the Saint Louis Chess Club. They are not only attracting people who are interested in philanthropy, but also people who are into Chess.

Marketing Tips for Giving Tuesday

Partner Up: Partner up with charities or with other vertical businesses to benefit a charity.

Get Visual: Ask your community to take pictures using your custom brand hashtag and #GivingTuesday. Make this better by running an event that benefits a local charity.

Take Videos: You can now do Instagram lives, so why not post some of your event, or while you are donating something. It’s a great way to show people you’re involved.

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