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Yup. You read that title right. You can now schedule to multiple Instagram accounts with Socialdraft.

How to Use Socialdraft to Schedule Posts to Multiple Instagram Accounts


It’s quite simple.

  1. Connect your Instagram accounts
  2. Assign the mobile number you want the posts to go to

Then schedule your post

You can do this from multiple places:

  1. Your home page dashboard
  2. The drag & drop calendar
  3. The Photos section on Socialdraft
  4. A csv upload
  5. From any page on the web using the Socialdraft Bookmarklet

We’ll cover scheduling from the drag & drop calendar:

  1. Open up the Drag & Drop calendar.
  2. Click on the date you want the post to schedule to.
  3. Enter your write up & add a link (if you so desire).
  4. Upload your image (this is the most important thing – the system will NOT work unless you upload an image.
  5. Click the Instagram Icon (you can choose other networks as well if you want the same content to publish there).
  6. Select one or multiple Instagram accounts for this post to be scheduled to.
  7. Choose the time you want this post to be sent to your smart phone
  8. Click “insert post?

Once the time for your scheduled posts comes around, you (or your assigned team member) will receive an SMS with the image and write up for the post. The video below shows the publishing process:


***We recommend that you (or your team member) always make sure that you are logged into the Instagram account you want to post to.

We hope you enjoy this feature and use it well.

Any questions, just open up a chat with one of our agents (look at the right hand corner for a prompt).