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With close to two-thirds of the world’s population active on the internet, businesses have recognized the necessity of making themselves available through online platforms to better communicate with their target market. There are lots of different internet-based solutions that brands can utilize in order to propel their business to greater heights, and among the most popular are social media sites. Instagram, for example, is a prime online platform that can bring about impressive results when used as a part of a social media marketing strategy.

How exactly can you adjust your strategy to increase your Instagram success? Read on to find out.

How to Improve Your Instagram ROI


Publish Relevant, High-Quality Content – Would you follow a brand or personality that posts content that’s neither appealing nor interesting? Precisely. More than anything, people want to see relevant, important, or aesthetically pleasant content on their feeds and will unfollow anyone who fails to meet their expectations. As with any other social media site, it’s vital that you publish content that users will appreciate in order to increase your chances of appealing to prospects. This means clear beautiful pictures or images followed by well thought out write ups. Watch the video above for a quick tutorial on editing images for Instagram.

Interact Where Necessary – It is a social media platform after all, so why not get social? There are lots of ways you can engage in meaningful conversation with users who are relevant to your brand, so make sure you locate the right places and the right opportunities. Don’t just comment for the sake of it however as spamming others’ posts with irrelevant information will do you more harm than good. We’ve found for every 100 thoughtful interactions, you get 10 followers. So figure out how many targeted followers you want and you’ll know how many engagements you need to do per day.

Increase Your Follower Base – An Instagram profile that has more followers will appear more credible, trustworthy, and reliable than one that has less. If you want to increase your follower count, make use of the appropriate hashtags to bring your posts where they would best perform and opt to make use of Instagram influencer campaigns to push your brand to relevant audiences. If you want to learn how to find the perfect hashtags and how to use them, click here. 

Structure Contests and Giveaways – One of the most common contest structures on Instagram goes a little like this: a business announces a race to a certain number of followers which it aims to attain by encouraging its existing followers to share an image of their promo. Users are free to repost the photo as many times as they prefer until the brand reaches their target number of followers. Once the target is attained, all entries are tallied and a winner is selected at random with the same mechanics used in a raffle. The lucky winner will then be given a special giveaway or freebie. Of course, you can mix up your structure, but generally, these strategies are effective when used to gain more followers and increase user interaction.


Post Consistently: You need to be constantly present on Instagram. This is a feed based system, so as soon as you post an image, it is being pushed down the feed. On top of this, Instagram has announced that they will be implementing an algorithm which will make coming up on the feed more challenging. This means that you will need to be active daily (and that means posting daily). Frequency varies per brand and industry. We suggest you start off with 1 daily post. Once you have a nice flow, test out what happens when you post 2-3 times….just make sure you space this out so as not to bore your follower base.

One thing that will make it much easier to keep a handle on all this is to schedule your Instagram posts. You can do that with Socialdraft, and you can schedule for multiple accounts. On top of that, you can add various people to the dashboard to both schedule content and to publish your posts. This is on top of everything else Socialdraft does including posting to Facebook, Facebook groups, Twitter, LinkedIn business pages, and Pinterest boards.