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It’s always a good thing to know what your competition is doing. There are many ways to do this. You can set up Google Alerts, use Socialdraft alerts, and even keep an eye manually. Another great tool to keep an eye on your competition is Facebook Pages to Watch Feature. Today, we’ll discuss all the benefits of this Facebook spy tool and how to get the most out of this feature.

What is Facebook Pages to Watch?

The ‘Pages to Watch’ feature allows admins of a Facebook business page to create a list of Pages (up to five) that are similar to their own page and compare the performance of their Page with competing businesses. You can use this as a way to compare the engagement and interaction of your page with others.

Facebook suggests pages, but you as a page owner can type in the names of pages you want to watch.

A step by step visual tutorial on how to add pages to Pages to Watch

How to Add “Pages to Watch”

It’s pretty simple. This feature is available to pages that have achieved 100 page likes. There is one caveat. The people who manage that other page that you plan to watch will get a notification. The good news is that it does not include your name or the name of your page.

How to add Pages to Watch to Your List

1. Click Insights
2. Scroll to ‘Pages to Watch’. Click ‘Add Pages’
3. Search for a Page you want to watch or choose from the Pages Facebook suggests. Click ‘Watch Page’
4. Once you’ve chosen five Pages, click ‘Done’

On the “Overview” tab of “Page Insights”, you will see key stats about the Pages you are watching.

The “Posts” tab of Page Insights includes a feature to view the past week’s most engaging posts from the Pages you’re watching. Once you’ve added Pages to Watch, a small widget will be added to Insights Facebook admins see at the top of the page.


How to use Facebook “Pages to Watch”

how to best choose pages to watch on Facebook

Choose your ‘Pages to Watch’

Don’t just add pages haphazardly. Take some time to research the pages that are most like yours and who have your target audience. An easy way to do this is to pick one of your competitors and type “Pages liked by people who like…” in the search box. Also, do this search for your own page. Use these as a starting point.

Analyze what those pages are doing well.

Weekly, take some time to go see what posts are getting the most engagement.  Make note of the type of posts they are. Are they videos? GIFs? Are they polls? Then look at the comments. Analyze the comments. Are they relevant? Are people asking questions? Are they tagging others?  Take the most successful posts and figure out how to replicate them on your page.