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The Socialdraft dashboard allows you to schedule social media updates to:

  • Facebook Pages
  • Facebook Groups
  • Twitter Accounts
  • LinkedIn Business Pages
  • Pinterest Boards
  • Instagram Accounts

You can schedule these manually on our calendar, or you can schedule them in bulk by utilizing our CSV feature. The video below shows you this feature in action:


First you need to download your CSV:

  • Go to the calendar
  • Click “Import CSV”
  • Click “Download Starter CSV”

This CSV will have one sample post for each of your social networks formatted exactly as it should be.

When you create your CSV content, make sure that if you are creating a tweet that you keep the text at about 100 characters IF you are including a link and an image.

Also make sure that you put the link and image link in the assigned columns to avoid any errors.

***To add an image link, simply right click the image and copy the link for the image. Then paste into the image field.

If you are using TrueTime, you do not need to take any actions with the date/time fields. Socialdraft will ignore whatever is in there.

Once you’re ready to bulk schedule, head over to the Calendar area, and click on “Import CSV”.

– Upload your CSV File
– Once the file is uploaded, click “Submit”
– Check your posts for accuracy and edit if you need to
– Click “Select All”
– Select the range dates you want your posts to publish
– Check your Time Zone
– Click “TrueTime All”
– Then click “Schedule”

This is quite simple and works for scheduling to Facebook pages, Facebook groups, Twitter accounts, LinkedIn pages, Pinterest boards, and Instagram accounts (you still need to manually publish to Instagram).