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Social Media is just like baseball, it’s only fun (and lucrative) if you keep score. You need to know what’s working and what is not so you can actually yield an ROI from your social media activities. That’s why at Socialdraft, we are always reviewing how we can make reporting better for you. We take your Facebook and Twitter activity, analyze it, and provide you with easy to generate reports you can use in-house, with co-workers and with clients to measure your success. Socialdraft Twitter reports give you insights into how your brand performs and what you need to do to be successful in social media. Our latest Twitter reports update includes a brand new, clean & gorgeous look & new features.

Twitter Reports Update

*Saved reports: Any report you generate will stay on the dashboard until you decide to delete it

*Generate reports consecutively: You can generate more than one report at at time (if you generate a lot of reports, it may slow down the process a bit).

*Delete reports: Once you no longer need a report, you can delete it from the dahsboard.

***Upload Logo: Those who have plans with white label options will be able to upload their custom logo to reports (as always).

How to Generate Twitter Reports

How to pull Twitter reports on Socialdraft

  1. Click “Reports” on the left side Nav Bar
  2. Select “Twitter”
  3. Upload your Logo (if you have a white label plan)
  4. Choose your from & to dates
  5. Select the Twitter account you’d like to pull the report from
  6. Click “Generate Report”
  7. Wait for the report to proccess
  8. Click the “Eye” to view the report
  9. Click “download” to download
  10. Click “delete” to delete

If you have any questions on our reports, or would like to see new data on reports, just open up a chat and let one of our customer service reps know.

If you’d like to take Socialdraft for a risk free test drive, just click here. 

The wine industry is ridiculously competitive and the sales process is tedious. There are visits to wine shops, education to each customer that walks into a shop, and competition from online shops. Smart wine pushers can reap the rewards of a good Instagram strategy. It’s not just about posting pretty pictures though. You need to be smart, have clear goals, be consistent and engage. Just think about it. Today, I can follow my favorite wine shop, my favorite winery, and even my favorite wine. It’s a lot less intimidating to buy a wine in a shop or to choose it from a wine list if I have already been familiarized with it online. Instagram is also a great place to track social depletions. Just think about it, every Instagram post by someone outside the industry is a bottle that was purchased. That is proof of ROI…and you can make this proof easier to track with hashtags.  Today we’ll discuss the best practices for wine on Instagram, as well as some great wine hashtag tactics. Before we do, take a few seconds to copy and save the hashtags below. These are optimized wine hashtags will be the basis (but not the whole of your strategy).

Wine Hashtags

Copy these optimized Wine Hashtags by clicking on the “copy” button on your iPhone, Android, iPad or PC. 

#redwine #winetasting #winelover #winery #winetime #whitewine #instawine #winecountry #winelovers #winetasting #wineaddict #winetime #winepairing #mywinemoment #winewednesday #winedownwednesday #winesofinstagram #wineoclock #winemaker #winemaking #wineoftheday #winestagram


Best Practices for Wine Hashtags on Instagram

Start off with Targeting

Using regional wine hashtags will help you target the right people

The hashtags you copied above are your generic hashtags. These are your basics. These will appeal to a larger audience. The issue here is that you’re not just pushing any wine. Yes,  you want to reach all wine consumers (and you want to convert them), but just like when you’re conducting a tasting, it is much easier to convert those who already like or know your product. On top of that, due to the nature of the Instagram feed, when you use the #wine hashtag, you will quickly drop on the feed due to the large number of posts tagged this way. When you use more specific hashtags, you will give yourself more visibility with the right people. The sweetspot is using a combination of general industry hashtags and targeted that have between 50,000 -500,000 uses. Check out this post from Loire Valley Wine who uses the Socialdraft dashboard. They really get specific with #LoireValleyWine #LoireRose which are very specific, but they don’t ignore the more general audience by using #winemonday #winesoffrance #vineyard and #frenchwine.

Use Geo-Targeted Hashtags

Mix wine hashtags with city and state and region

Even if you are an online retailer, you should be geo-tagging your posts. If you are a wine shop, restaurant, or a wine seller, then you ABSOLUTELY need to geo tag your posts. You need to stop thinking of Instagram as a social network and more as a search engine (yeah – like Google). Say you are a wine shop in New York, if you don’t geo-tag your posts, when people search those local hashtags you’re not giving them a chance to discover you. Jordan is as good at using local hashtags as they are at making wine (although they could benefit from actually adding a location to their posts – do this and I will call you an Instagram master). Notice their hashtags #sonomacounty #healdsburg #California #AlexanderValley. Whenever anyone searches Instagram for these hashtags, Jordan is giving themselves a chance to be discovered.
Use wine hashtags and local hashtags to reach a local audience

Here’s another example from Cellar To Table. Their post is not only hashtagged #williamsburg and #brooklyn, they have also tagged the location on their post. This means that someone can discover this post and decide to go to that restaurant. That’s a bottle sold and depletion goals on their way to being achieved.

Branded Hashtags

Use branded hashtags to get more likes on your Instagram posts

Yes, I know this is not wine, but Cognac Maniacs ran an incredible repost campaign using the Socialdraft dashboard, so I could not resist. Notice their write up. It includes a call to action telling users to share their Cognac Cocktails with the tag #CognacManiacs. What does this do? This strengthens their brand, prompts sales, and leads to depletions. Every Cognac cocktail that was posted to Instagram with this tag was proof of social ROI. On top of that, their brand within the industry became strong. Branding is important, and Instagram can help you with this. We recommend you take time to come up with a great branded hashtag and that you teach your community to use it. Encourage them to share so you can build your brand and prove that social media can get you depletions and brand ambassadors.

Instagram Wine Tips

Tag Others

When you tag someone on Instagram they get a notification which increases the chances of them liking your posts

This is a smart wine pusher. Notice the gorgeous mix of generic and targeted hashtags…but then, click the image. You’ll see that David has taken the time to tag the distributor he works for, the winery in the picture, and more people in the post. All these people will receive notifications that he has posted about them. They will most likely then like and comment on the post and remember this wonderful relationship later on. Another smart social marketer. 

Work with an Influencer

Combine wine hashtags with influencer marketing to grow your Instagram account

Influencers have spent lots of time building a strong and engage community that can convert into sales. Check out how Veuve Clicquot has partnered with Whitney, a New Orleans visual artist. Working with her allows them to reach out to a whole new set of customers. You may not have the same budget as Veuve, but you can work with smaller influencers as well. They can be just as powerful. If you haven’t yet worked with an influencer, click the following guide on how to collaborate with an Instagram Influencer. Just make sure you follow all the FTC rules.

Put some love into your account

All the stuff I told you above is not enough to get you a robust ROI on Instagram, there are more things you need to do:

Post Daily: Instagram is a Facebook property. They have recently implemented their algorithm. If you don’t post daily, you won’t get engagement and the algo will kick in. This means you will lose followers and that you will come up lower on the feed. Do yourself a favor and use a scheduler like Socialdraft (you can see it above) to keep yourself on a good schedule.

On the date and time that they are due to publish, you will get an SMS with the image and caption making posting a snap.

Like & Engage: The best way to get people to like your content is to spread the love. Think of each like and comment as an SEO link, a way for people to get to you. Click through on one of your hashtags. Then check out the area that says “Top Posts”. Click on each of the first 10 people on every post. Like and comment on their posts. Then head back on the Socialdraft dashboard and like 50 posts related to that hashtag. You will see more likes, comments, and follows on all your posts.

If you have more questions or need more direction on Instagram marketing, join our Social Media Managers Group on Facebook. 



Some of our best features and ideas come from our users. Socialdraft’s New Sleeker Dashboard came to us from Jacqueline McAbee’s suggestions (thanks Jacqueline). She mentioned that our dashboard could be sleeker and much more convenient to use if when you logged on it took you directly to the dash. We looked at usage and mostly everyone was going directly to the calendar. Now, when you log onto Socialdraft, the dashboard will default to the calendar so that you can get to scheduling posts immediately.

See Socialdraft’s New Sleeker Dashboard in Action

We’ve also consolidated the feeds into the Inbox so you can take care of engagement and communication from one place.

Reports are still easily accessible from the toolbar as are your settings.

If you have any questions on this update, suggestions for our team, or questions on the Socialdraft dashboard, simply go to Socialdraft.com and open up a chat with one of our customer service agents.

Makeup and beauty make sense on Instagram, it is, after all a social network focused on the visual. This is both a blessing and a curse. While it is the perfect social network for make up artists, shops, and vloggers to promote themselves, there are tons of people on there who are competing against you and working to steal your audience. You don’t have to fret. Today, we’ll discuss the top Instagram Makeup and Beauty Hashtags to use and how to incorporate them into your Instagram strategy so you don’t just gain followers, but make money. Before you read on, take a few seconds to copy the Makeup and Beauty Hashtags below (just click the “copy” button) and then save them into your phone. These will be the building blocks of your Instagram strategy.

#Makeupartist #Makeupaddict #Makeupjunkie #Makeuplover #Makeupforever #Makeupbyme #Makeupmafia Makeupmurah #Makeupoftheday #Makeuplook #Mascara #Makeupgeek #Makeuplovers #Instamakeup #Instamakeupartist #Makeupporn #Makeupobsessed #Beauty #Eyeliner #Makeupfanatic1 #Eyeshadow #Lipgloss #Makeuptalk #Makeuptutorial #Makeuplove

How to Use Makeup and Beauty Hashtags

Think of Instagram as a miniature Google that is growing by the millisecond. Just like Google uses keywords for SEO, Instagram has its own version: hashtags. When you use hashtags, you need to think like an SEO. Is this hashtag going to get me found, and who is it going to get me found by. If the hashtag is not relevant (#followforfollow) or not targeted, the answer is no. Think about it, when someone hops on Instagram and searches #lipstick, they are probably looking for new ideas for a purchase. That’s a pretty good person to attract. If you sell or promote lipstick and you are not using that hashtag, you won’t be found. The only people who can get away with not using hashtags, or only using one or two hashtags are celebs like the Kardashians. This is not the time to worry about looking cool. Know what’s cool…making money…and you know how you’re going to make money, by being found. So use all 30 hashtags that Instagram allows you to use. Now that you have the basics on how to use makeup and beauty hashtags, let’s get down to business.

Industry Specific Versus General Makeup and Beauty Hashtags

The hashtags you copied above aren’t going to get you where you need to go. Why? These are general hashtags. They are used quite often. This means that you won’t stay on top of the feed because of the amount of posts that utilize these hashtags. That being said, you want to give yourself a chance to reach the millions of people who are searching this type of content on Instagram, so you still want to use them. What you need to do is mix these with more focused hashtags. So, while you will want to keep #lipstick (13 million posts as of today) as part of your hashtag kit, you will also want to add more specific hashtags to draw an audience that is interested in exactly what you are offering. Think #MatteLipstick. This hashtag currently has 463K posts attached to it. This is a perfect hashtag for you. It has enough visibility to get you a decent number of eyes, but it is not too large that you get lost. It also gets you a more targeted audience. These people aren’t just looking for lipstick, they are looking for matte lipstick. You’ve just upped your chances of engagement and of making a sale. If you keep your targeted hashtags between 100k-600k you will be giving yourself the best chance at being seen by the right people.

Geo-Targeted Hashtags

These are extremely important if you are a makeup artist, salon, or local shop. While it is nice to get likes, you want to get likes that convert. That means you need likes from people who can either hire you or drop by your place of business. Say you’re a makeup artist in New York City. You want to attract people in New York. You will want to use geo targeted hashtags to give yourself a chance of being found when people search by location tags. You would want to use hashtags like #NYCmakeupArtist #NY #NYC #Manhattan #NewYork #NewYorkCity #BigApple #EastSide #MurrayHill #MidtownEast. Notice we’ve covered general location, location nicknames, and neighborhoods. These will change according to your location, of course. Love that K used location and actually tagged the location on the post. That is smart Instagramming. 

Trending Hashtags

💋 #Regram from @bopmappy interviewing @ArianaGrande in Tokyo, Japan! #VIVAGLAM #MACAidsFund #MACCosmetics

A photo posted by M∙A∙C Cosmetics (@maccosmetics) on

Say #AriannaGrande is trending. This is when you want to create content utilizing her shades of Viva Glam. Make sure that you tag it #AriannaGrande #VivaGlam #MACcosmetics so that you can take advantage of this trending item. You can do the same with events such as the Oscars, Mother’s Day and lots more.

Branded Makeup and Beauty Hashtags

Instagram is the place to brand yourself. You need to come up with a branded hashtag and then educate your clients and audience to use that hashtag to help you grow your brand. Take Pat McGrath who uses the tag #makeupbypatmcgrath. Pat has created 1,900 pieces of content, yet the hashtag has been used 6,000 times. That means that around 4,000 people have become Pat’s personal marketing army. And Pat’s army includes professionals like Samuel Harrison who has a following of 34k. What does this tell you, start to collaborate with others in your industry, help each other out. It’s an easy way to grow your following and credibility.

Once you’ve gotten a hand on this, you can run a regram campaign. Change your profile so that it states that those who use your hashtag have a chance to be featured on your account. This will help you with content creation and engagement. Monitor the hashtags, and use a system like Socialdraft to repost those posts. With our dashboard, you can repost to not just Instagram, but also Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Product Hashtags

#MasterPaletteByMario x #anastasiabeverlyhills 😍 swatches with MAC fix+ sprayed over them. 🙏🏻

A video posted by Mario Dedivanovic (@makeupbymario) on

Using a well recognized name helps. Just like you would talk about the products you use when you’re working with a customer, you will want to start the exact same conversation on Instagram. Check out how Mario Dedivanovic has used #anastasiabeverlyhills as a hashtag. It is his way to communicate that he uses their products and to connect with their fans. Go beyond a hashtag. If you are using and promoting someone’s products in this way, make sure you @tag them as well. This way they will receive a notification and hopefully (if they are smart Instagram marketers), they will like, comment on and share your post.

Post Daily, engage, and reshare content. 

If you’re not posting daily (or at least consistently) on Instagram, you’re going to lose followers. It is also possible that since each day off is equivalent to less interactions that the algorithm will kick in and you’ll drop in the feed. This means that you should be using a scheduler like Socialdraft to schedule to Instagram on a daily basis. This will keep you consistent and growing on a consistent basis.

Now that you have your starter list of Makeup and Beauty Hashtags for Instagram and an entire technique on how to use them, it’s time for you to get out there and slay.


Instagram is a great social network for artists. It is a great place to share your work, but the images are not so high res that they can be stolen from you outright. The question is, how do you go from someone who is posting their artwork on Instagram to someone who is selling their artwork on Instagram? The answer: a combination of great hashtags and strategy. Today, we’ll discuss a strong Instagram strategy for artist and give you the best uses for drawing hashtags so you can get your work seen by the right people. But, before we get to the strategy, take a few seconds to click “copy” below this list of the top Instagram Drawing Hashtags. These hashtags will be the starting point to your strategy on Instagram.

#Drawing #Drawings #Drawingoftheday #Blackandwhite #Drawingskills #Drawingtime #Drawingaday #Doodle #Drawingpen #Drawingart #Drawingbyme #Socialdraft #Instadraw #Instadrawing #Selfportrait #Graphic #Sketch #Sketchbook #Instaart #Sketching #Sketches #Sketchaday #Art #Creative #Artsy

The good news is that as an artists you no longer have to rely on a dealer to help you sell (although that can help significantly). Because of social media and services like Instagram, you can engage a community of artists, and build a fan base that can convert into your customers. Instagram is a perfect place for art promotion. It’s visual and there are ways that you can set up an online shop so you can sell your art directly from your Instagram feed. If you’re new to Instagram, or if you haven’t been attracting the right kind of people to your Instagram feed, read on. We’ll discuss a strategy to help you brand yourself on Instagram and help you sell your art.

What to Post to Instagram

This is your business. Don’t confuse your audience. Stop posting pictures of your baby or your cat. Instagram is where you will be branding yourself, so make sure to stay on brand. Want some ideas on what to post:

  • Art pieces & drawings
  • Art in progress
  • Things you are inspired by
  • Technique and how tos
  • Behind the scenes

Post High Quality Images

You as an artist cannot post anything that is low quality. Again, you brand your work as high quality and your Instagram feed needs to reflect this.


Your captions are the second thing your audience will engage with. Yes, the image is the visual story, but you need to make sure your caption compliments the image and gets the viewer engaged. After the caption, make sure to include a call to action. Calls to actions work, when you tell people what you want them to do, a good majority of the time, the do it. Note the call to action on this post. It’s simple and to the point: follow us. Some calls to action you will want to request

  • Click the link on my profile to view more
  • Double tap if you like this piece
  • Tag a friend who would like this work

How often Should You Post To Instagram

Minimum on a daily basis. Yes, this seems like a lot, but there are a few reasons why you need to post daily. Instagram has recently implemented an algorithm. It takes into account the engagements you get. That means that if you skip a day or two, you have no chance to get engagement and you’ll drop in the feed. Also, you want to be constantly in the mind of your audience. Don’t let them forget you.

That being said, don’t post content that is off brand or of low quality.

How to Schedule Daily

Use a service that helps manage and schedule Instagram posts, like Socialdraft. You can sit down say on a Sunday, spend 30 minutes and get your posts scheduled out for the week. Socialdraft will SMS you at the scheduled time with the image and write up. This will keep you active on a consistent basis.

Using Art & Drawing Hashtags on Instagram

Hashtags are the key to being found on Instagram. Think of hashtags as Instagram SEO. Hashtags are the way Instagram will categorize your posts, so if you are doing a pencil drawing, the #pencildrawing hashtag will help people looking for that kind of content to find you. You will read that using more than one hashtag is not cool.  You know what’s not cool…not being found. We recommend that you use all 30 hashtags allowed by Instagram. Here’s the breakdown on how to find them and how to use them.

General Drawing Hashtags

Those are the hashtags we gave you above. These are industry specific, but they are used often. You want to use them so you can give yourself a chance to come up on search when people search say #art, but they MUST be combined with a combination of the hashtags we’ll discuss below. Why? Because as of today, #art has been used in 186,783,707 posts. This means that this hashtag has a possibility of getting you seen by many people, but most likely, you’ll quickly drop down the feed unless you have a very strong following.

Industry Specific Drawing Hashtag

We discussed why you need to use #art. But, let’s take a hashtag such as #pencilportrait which has only been used in 56,829 posts or #petportrait which has been used in 207,000 posts. This still gives you a nice chance of reach, but…gives you a much more targeted audience. People who are interested in seeing pencil portraits and who may be looking for someone to create a pencil portrait for them. Also, when there is less competition, you have a better chance to come up on Top posts. When this happens, Instagram keeps you at the top of the feed giving you more exposure. The benefit is more likes, more comments, and a more targeted audience.

Hashtag Campaigns

Once you’ve grown a decent sized audience that is constantly engaging with your posts, you will want to begin to do a few things. First, train them to use your hashtag. Say that you have an Etsy shop or Fiverr shop where you sell pencil portraits. When you complete the piece and send it to your buyer, make sure to prompt them to share it to Instagram with your custom hashtag #yourshopname or #pencilportraitbyyourname in exchange for a percentage off their next purchase. This works as very inexpensive advertising and brand building. This is just one idea, but think of the possibilities of #AskArtistName (to ask for drawing tips)…there is so much you can do.


Make Friends On Instagram

Art is a community, and this extends to Instagram. Find other artists on the network and build a relationship with them. Like and comment on their posts and they will do the same with you. This will help you to grow your account and get seen by their audience.






It’s back to school season and to celebrate the future of the brightest, Socialdraft will be offering a Socialdraft Student Discount of 75% to currently enrolled students.

How to get the Socialdraft Student Discount

  • Open up a chat window on any page of our website.
  • Let the customer know you want the Socialdraft Student Discount
  • Send them a copy of your valid current student ID
  • Once you get the code, sign up with your student email address and you’re set

Why do this? Students are paying way too much on books and housing. The job market is iffy to say the least.  If a student is looking to start his or her own social media business, or he/she simply wants a better way to connect with friends and save time, we want to be the tool they use. We also want students to begin to learn how to navigate the social media landscape so they can market themselves on social media so that when the time comes to find a job they have the knowledge needed to be the chosen candidate. If you are a student, we want you to grow with us into your professional career. 

Related Article: Social Media for College Students and Recent Graduates

To recap, if you are a student who wants in on this, simply sign up for our trial with your .edu email address. Then, hop on Socialdraft support (located on the bottom right hand side of our website) to send us a copy of your current student ID. If you have a question, just open up a chat and one of our customer success advocates will be happy to help you out.

***Applicable for Solo Plans Only.


The Socialdraft dashboard allows you to schedule social media updates to:

  • Facebook Pages
  • Facebook Groups
  • Twitter Accounts
  • LinkedIn Business Pages
  • Pinterest Boards
  • Instagram Accounts

You can schedule these manually on our calendar, or you can schedule them in bulk by utilizing our CSV feature. The video below shows you this feature in action:

First you need to download your CSV:

  • Go to the calendar
  • Click “Import CSV”
  • Click “Download Starter CSV”

This CSV will have one sample post for each of your social networks formatted exactly as it should be.

When you create your CSV content, make sure that if you are creating a tweet that you keep the text at about 100 characters IF you are including a link and an image.

Also make sure that you put the link and image link in the assigned columns to avoid any errors.

***To add an image link, simply right click the image and copy the link for the image. Then paste into the image field.

If you are using TrueTime, you do not need to take any actions with the date/time fields. Socialdraft will ignore whatever is in there.

Once you’re ready to bulk schedule, head over to the Calendar area, and click on “Import CSV”.

– Upload your CSV File
– Once the file is uploaded, click “Submit”
– Check your posts for accuracy and edit if you need to
– Click “Select All”
– Select the range dates you want your posts to publish
– Check your Time Zone
– Click “TrueTime All”
– Then click “Schedule”

This is quite simple and works for scheduling to Facebook pages, Facebook groups, Twitter accounts, LinkedIn pages, Pinterest boards, and Instagram accounts (you still need to manually publish to Instagram).