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You’ve got your Twitter content strategy down. You make sure you post the perfect image with each post, you’re posting the occasional meme/joke, but people are still not interacting with your tweets. Once in a while, you get a favorite, but no likes, retweets or responses. That’s because you’re doing the bare minimum. You need to fine-tune your engagement strategy and stop using Twitter as a dumping ground for links. If you’re ready to increase Twitter engagement, read on!

How to Increase Twitter Engagement

Example of a successful reply interaction on twitter

1. Engage

It sounds simple, but you need to initiate the engagement with those you want to engage. I always say Twitter is like a party. First, you buy the apartment (claim your handle), then you decorate (add your profile image & header), then you stock party supplies (tweets, images, videos). Then, as people arrive, you begin to greet them and start to chat. This is exactly how Twitter works.

2. Address All Comments

I know you’re thinking…what if I get a bad comment? Well, you need to address those as well. Let’s break things down to make this easier on you.

Negative Comments: If they are bad comments…you especially need to reply so that you can control the conversation and show your community that you care about your brand/community.

a. Try to Handle Privately: Follow the commenter, reply to their comment with a simple message that you’ve followed them and would love to chat with them over email to get details in order to better assist them. The last thing you want is a public spat on Twitter.

b. Follow up: If they give you their email, make sure to reply in a speedy manner. Address their issue, chat with your staff, and do what you can to rectify the issue.

c. Re-engage: Once the issue is solved, re-engage the user. You may have a brand advocate on hand if you’ve handled properly.

Positive Comments: Woah, you’re doing something right. @JustinBeaverLove said how much they love your brand. Follow these steps for the perfect engagement.Take a few seconds to first Favorite their tweet, then comment on their tweet. I suggest a thank you. Then schedule a follow-up for a few days later. Make sure that when you comment, their handle is not the first thing on the tweet. Tweeting “Thank you @JustinBeaverLove for the sweet comment” will get you more visibility than “@JustinBeaverLover – thanks for the love”. After this, retweet them so that everyone sees how much you are loved. Finally, add this person to lists…this way you can engage them later.

a. Favorite the tweet.

b. Comment on their tweet. I suggest a thank you. Make sure their Twitter handle is not the first thing on the tweet. Tweeting “Thank you @JustinBeaverLove for the sweet comment” will get you more visibility than “@JustinBeaverLover – thanks for the love”.

c. Schedule a follow-up for a few days later. This can be anything from a retweet, an interaction on one of their tweet, or if you are a business…how about a special offer?

d. Finally, add this person to lists…this way you can engage them later.

Neutral Comments: Neutral comments are great. Keep in mind that each time your Twitter handle is mentioned your social influence goes up. Go ahead, engage that person. Check out their profile and see what they are interested in. There’s nothing better than feeling like there’s a real person behind a brand. The above image is an example of a reply to one of our neutral comments by Robert Caruso. Great example of how to engage someone who leaves a more neutral comment on your tweets. Click thru for the entire interaction.

How Twitter chats help your business


3. Share Content Created by People You Want to Engage

This is the easiest one. People want to have their content shared on Twitter. Schedule shares of content created by those people you want to engage. Make sure to tag them. This is a surefire way to grab their attention. Then, up the ante by scheduling this content as recurring posts. It will save you time and keep you in their minds.

4. Participate in Twitter Chats

There are tons of chats for almost every industry on Twitter (if there isn’t, maybe you should start one). This is a great way for you to get more content out there, establish yourself as an industry leader, and get more followers and engagement.

Simple yes or no questions beg for interaction on twitter

5. Ask Questions

People love to put in their two cents. Ask questions to get answers. Need some ideas?

You can try simple yes/no questions, more engaging questions like “Where do you get your news”, or this vs. that. If you want an answer from a particular person or brand, just make sure to @tag them on your tweet.

a) Yes/No – “Yes/No – Do you love the new @Facebook layout?” “Taylor Swift’s dress at the Grammys – Yes/No?”

b) Simple Questions – “Where do you get your #news?”

c) This vs. That – “Coke vs Pepsi, what’s your fave?”

6. Answer Questions

Do a search on Twitter to see what questions people are asking about your industry. This will give you access to potential followers/customers AND help you increase engagement and reach. It also allows you to be seen as an expert or a go-to person in your industry.

How to interact with fans on twitter

7. Thank & Interact with those who follow you

It’s a pretty big compliment when someone follows you on Twitter. That means they like you (or at least that they are interested in what you have to say. The least you can do is follow them back, add them to lists, and interact them so you can strengthen the relationship.


8. Engage the Right People

This can be hard to do when you get tons of people engaging your tweets. Luckily, there is Socialdraft SmartID. Just click on your tweet, and we’ll give you the most influential people to engage with that tweet, why and what they are influential in AND links to their other Social Media accounts so you can cross engagement. That’s a powerful tool!


9. Don’t just Favorite/Retweet

That’s just lazy. Sure, everyone loves a retweet, but you need to go beyond this. Respond to the tweets, then favorite AND retweet.

Remember, Twitter is all about being social…so stop being a broadcaster and start being social.

We recently wrote an article outlining all the Twitter stats that show that the network is not dead. If you’re not getting an ROI from Twitter, it’s probably because you’re using it wrong. Today, we’ll be outlining some very simple ways you can use Twitter so you can connect with the right people AND get an ROI from the time you spend marketing on Twitter. We’re going to start with the simplest Strategies to Increase Twitter Engagement and then get down to the really juicy stuff.

Strategies to Increase Twitter Engagement

Tag People

How to get influencers to retweet you

It seems so simple, but so many people forget to do this in their tweets. If you are sharing someone else’s content – be it a brand, influencer, or vertical –  take a few minutes to find their Twitter @handle. Add it to your Tweet. This can increase your chances of retweets, mentions, and direct messages. This takes a few seconds and is so ridiculously effective.

Include Links (in the middle of your Tweet)

If you want more clicks from Twitter, include them in the middle of the tweet

Sure, tweets without links “perform better”, but that’s in terms of reach within the network. If we’re talking ROI, and if your ROI is measured by click thru to your website, then you need to make sure that you include links in your tweets. Make sure that when you add the link to your tweet that you take a few seconds to either choose the best image for the tweet (super easy to do on Socialdraft – you can just scroll through until you find your favorite), or that you add a custom image to attract more people to the tweet. Why do we tell you to add your link in the middle of the tweet? That’s because when you do this you have a 26% higher chance that it will be retweeted as opposed to placing it at the beginning or end of your tweet.

Reuse Evergreen Content


If you’re not creating evergreen content, you should be. Especially if you’re marketing on Twitter. The nature of Twitter is fleeting. The feed pushes down content, so unless someone is clicking on your profile, the chances of them seeing a post from an hour ago are low. If you use a system social media scheduling tool like Socialdraft, you can place all your evergreen content into CSVs. Then, on a monthly basis, go in and update your write ups just a touch as well as your images. This will keep your content feeling new and will save you so much time on content creation so that you have time to do what matters – engage.

Start Periscoping (or broadcasting live)

Every social network is sending tons of organic traffic to those who take the time to create native live video on their network. If you run events, then Periscope is the perfect option for you. Run a Periscope live-stream and when you’re done make sure you embed it onto your website.

Check Trending on a Daily Basis

Twitter trending is a powerful social media tool

Twitter trending is awesome. If something is trending on Twitter, it is a good idea to think about how to integrate it not just on Twitter, but on the rest of your social media accounts. Check your trending, see what items may relate to your brand, click over to the tweets for that topic and engage.

Run Twitter Polls

Polls are awesome. They take seconds to create and can have a huge impact on your reach and influence on Twitter. Think of Twitter as a HUGE focus group. If you need feedback for your business, Twitter is a great place to get it.

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The cool stuff about trending is that it is somewhat custom. Twitter trending shows you what’s hot based on your location and the people you follow, but it also includes items that are trending worldwide.

Start Creating Native Video

You can now post up to 140 seconds of native video to Twitter. This gives you way more time to engage and educate your community. A few ideas for you is to implement a weekly founder’s video, run live videos from events or give quick video tips to your followers.  t.

Use Twitter Moments

Twitter Moments is a great story telling tool. It allows you to showcase moments from events, chats, and topics. What’s better is that you can embed these into your blog posts to give context and increase your time on page. When you do create a Twitter moment, make sure to push it out with a tweet linking to the Twitter Moment. People will know it is a Twitter moment by the lightning bolt in the tweet.

How to Manage your Twitter Accounts

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