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Simply put, Twitter is all about content, engagement, and optimization.  Since Twitter is limited to 280 characters, every single space has to serve a purpose, adding to a well-constructed idea.  In addition, contrary to the limited space, what Twitter most excels at is in creating the perception of a narrative those individuals who subscribe can follow.  Building the foundation of this narrative and directly aiding in the success of the Twitter account is the Twitter bio.  Basically, first impressions last. So, what goes into a great Twitter bio?  Let’s find out.

How To Craft A Great Twitter Bio That Converts

Why Focus On Your Twitter Bio?

Twitter is important for SEO

If individuals are following a Twitter account for information, then why bother with the Twitter bio?  Simply put, the Twitter bio is how individuals will find out about you when searching online.  As an example, your Twitter bio will live outside of Twitter. It will come up through popular search engine results, providing your potential subscriber an idea of what you do even before they click on a link.  Check out the above example. The second result for Nordstrom is their Twitter account. Go ahead, try it with other notables and see what comes up.

Simply stated, Twitter matters when it comes to Google search, so you want to control the narrative. In this way, you can put your best foot forward, not even requiring that they click in order to know who and what you are about.  Being straightforward and direct is the best way to get more Twitter followers, and crafting a good Twitter bio will help get you there. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of how to craft a good Twitter bio

The Basics Of A Twitter Bio

A list of all the elements that local businesses need to add to their twitter profiles

Properly using a Twitter bio for Twitter marketing requires understanding the basics. Let us break this down part by part:

Twitter Header Photo

The ideal size for your header photo is 1500×500 pixels. This photo should convey what your account is all about. Note the example above. The profile photo tells you this is the account for “The Smith“, but that burger tells you it is a restaurant that serves delicious burgers. Use your header photo as a way to tell the story of what you are and what you do.

Twitter Profile Photo

Easy to read images work best on Twitter bios

The ideal size for your Twitter profile photo is 400×400 pixels. Photos can be uploaded to Twitter in any of the following formats: JPG, GIF, or PNG. Your Twitter profile photo will be displayed pretty small most in the feed. For that reason, keep things simple. If you look at the above, which of all those profile images do you notice most? Can you see why?

If you are a business, use your logo and make sure it is easy to read and recognizable. The Smith does this perfectly. You want people to be able to tell the tweet is from your business in seconds.

If you are a personal brand, and you are using a picture of yourself, make sure you use a clear headshot where your face is easy to read. It is harder to recognize someone in a full body shot or with a 3/4 view of their face than it is with a simple business headshot.

Twitter Name

Keep this as simple as possible and as close to your brand’s name as you can. If you have other social media accounts, consistency is key. You want your audience to be able to find you by the same handle on as many social media accounts as possible. If someone already has taken your first choice for your name, use a modifier that makes sense. If you are a local business, use your location. If you are a brand, maybe a keyword associated with your industry. The key is to keep it simple and easy to remember.

Twitter Bio

Guide to optimize Twitter bio

You have a maximum of 160 characters to get your message across, so don’t waste words.

While slightly longer then a tweet, it is still not that much space and careful planning will have to go into what you include.  To be honest, it may be best to keep things short and sweet to make it easier for people to read through your bio.

If you are a personal brand, tell people exactly what type of information they should expect to see from your tweets and when they engage you.

If you are a business, tell them what you do, and how you do it. CK Tech is all about digital marketing and they make that incredibly clear. This is a fantastic example of how to keep things short and include keywords to help you come up on Twitter search.

If you have particular associations, you will also want to @mention them on your bio so that they are easily cross-referenced and you can play off their following.


You should consider whether or not your location is important to people following your Twitter feed.  For example, if you own a business with a physical location (a restaurant, a hairdresser, a doctor’s office), then it is worth the space putting your address.  In addition, if you are in a particular part of the world and your Twitter messages are about the location, then including the location can help with discovery and give people a way to open up a conversation with you.


It is generally considered a good idea to include your website in your Twitter bio.  If the website name is too long then consider using a URL shortener to get around this hurdle. The whole goal with Twitter is some sort of conversion. Include your website (or the social network where you see the most amount of conversions) to increase your chances of seeing a return of investment.

Theme Color

This is editable on Twitter.com.  While this is not a huge factor, but take the two seconds to change your theme color to fit your branding. Strong branding is powerful.


We think this one is optional, but it can get you a boost of engagement on your birthday. Adding your birthday to the bio can also affect the kinds of ads that appear, as products for those 18 or 21+ will generally not show up for individuals who are below that age.

Formatting The Remaining Space

With basic information out of the way, you will be left with having to accurately explain who you are, personally explain your brand, and set up a target for ideal followers.  The explaining who you are begins with the basic information listed above and depending on space can include interesting things that might be useful to potential followers.

Giving your brand a personal touch is all about explaining the reasons for the Twitter account, which depending on the reasons can be for marketing for a company or even for oneself.

Finally, targeting your ideal followers is all about putting towards the end of your bio things that will interest what you consider as an ideal follower.  The more you can narrow down what this kind of follower might be like, the more direct you can make your Twitter bio.

Twitter marketing is by no means an exact science.  Those suggestions listed above come from a set of best practices taken from countless Twitter profiles out there.  With that in mind, you can always experiment.  See what happens when you move around the information, leave some things out, or even add things not listed above.  With any luck, you will find the right words for your Twitter bio.

How to Manage Your Twitter Account

Once you have created the perfect a great Twitter bio that converts, you gotta get down to business. Start off by creating a content calendar filled with items that are relevant to and will tempt your audience to respond and chat with you. Schedule this ahead of time using a Twitter tool like Socialdraft in order to save time for real-time engagement. With Socialdraft, you can:

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  • Duplicate content
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  • You can pull reports for Twitter and Facebook
  • You can engage those you follow on Twitter
  • Engage your audience on Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Add team members and set them up with permissions and restrictions
  • Give calendar access to clients so they can view and leave notes, but not edit, re-schedule or delete content.
  • You can download your content calendars as PDF
  • and Much Much More

Socialdraft offers all sorts of levels, even a lowest plan for those who are on a budget, so take Socialdraft for a risk-free trial today!

Conducting searches on Twitter is a great tool for monitoring various Twitter interactions related to your account, and a powerful way to discover what people may be sharing your content. You can also find any keywords relevant to your brand, your own mentions, and much more useful information that is a gold mine for brands and marketers. But the key in obtaining this valuable information is knowing how to search for it.

Twitter offers users a few different ways to conduct basic searches. One is a web search and another is with the mobile app search. It is with the Advanced Search feature that you can obtain the most powerful results.

Advanced Search is accessable when using Twitter’s web search and can be directly reached at:


With Advanced Search there are more than 12 different ways to search, and filter Twitter’s tweets and profiles. In addition to the Advanced Search, on Twitter’s search results page, you can filter results by media type, profiles, and more. You can also do advanced searches from any Twitter search box by using a combination of Twitter search operators.

Navigating on the Advanced Search Page

Here is a breakdown of the various headings and search bars under each of those headings on the Advanced Search Page.


Use twitter advanced search to really target your audience

All of these words:

Enter two or more words in this field and you’ll see tweets that contain those terms. You can search for one or more phrase by using quotations to separate each.

This exact phrase:

Search for a phrase, and names or quotes.

Any of these words:

Use this field to search for multiple words.

None of these words:

This filed will remove tweets from your search results that contain the words or phrases you enter.

These hashtags:

Check on hashtags.

Written in:

With this field you can find tweets in any of Twitter’s supported languages.


how to use twitter search by account

From these accounts:

This will show you tweets only from the account’s you add.

To these accounts:

Enter the username of accounts to see tweets sent to them.

Mentioning these accounts:

Enter an account name in this field to see tweets mentioning your chosen usernames.

Places & Dates

How to get the most out of your twitter advanced search

Near this place:

You can see tweets sent while a person was in a particular area.

From this date to this date:

Search for tweets between two dates.

Keep Track of Your Company’s Reputation

You can use twitter advanced search to find happy and unhappy customers

With Advanced Search you can check on your brand’s reputation by:

1) Locating news about your company

After running your Advanced Search, select “News” from the More options dropdown to show all results that contain a link to a news site.

2) Find happy and un-happy customers

To include sentiment filters in your search, include the relevant box over on the Advanced Search page or add a happy or un-happy emoticon to the end of your search term.

3) Filter out competitors

If you want to filter out any results mentioning competitors of yours, you can do so by adding their username and URL in the “None of these words” Advanced Search field.

4) Monitor mentions of your company

Advanced Search allows you to monitor mentions of your Twitter account and Tweets that include your URL.

You Can Also Conduct These Assorted Advanced Searches

1) Find accounts by keyword and location

Combine keywords with a location to locate accounts or businesses within a certain area.

2) Find people to follow

If you’re looking to find new people, you can run a search on a keyword or phrase and then filter Accounts that match those keywords.

3) Filter Tweets from only people you follow

Twitter search allows you to filter Tweets from only people you follow.

4) Search your competitor’s tweets

Using Advanced Search you can filter tweets from any account for selected keywords by using the All of these words and From these accounts fields.

5) Find out what people are saying about competitors

In order to check out what people are saying about competitors, add their company name and URL to the All of these words bar.

Twitter confirmed last week the launching of their new desktop search port for logged-in users. Twitter started experimenting with the format last year, which provides users with more options to find and filter content in search requests.

Twitter Updated Search Page

In addition to the more streamlined look, filtering options previously on the left, such as Accounts, Photos, and Videos, were moved to the top below a bold bar that includes the search term. A “More options” heading allows users to fine-tune searches so they can search under tweets by people they follow, tweets from people nearby and news, among other offerings. The default view is Top.

When you search for a keyword or phrase, the search results yield a tweet near the top of the page that has either been favorited or retweeted multiple times. But the top search result do not always represent the most popular. Twitter matches what they believe is more relative.

Users can also request Advanced search options, embed searches by accessing widgets, and save searches from the more options menu. Choosing between All Tweets relative to a search term has been replaced by a “Live” heading, and users are notified when additional search results are produced so they can load the new results. You can also alternate between Top tweets and Live tweets.

Twitter left the advanced search option unchanged. This option allows you to filter tweets by location, date range positive and negative or asking a question.

A Twitter spokesperson noted:

“We’re rolling out a new search experience to users on web. Like other features, we will continue to iterate and improve on this, to make it even easier for users to find what they are looking for when they search on Twitter.”

Real-time Content to Google’s Search Results

As of this month, U.S. users searching in English will see relevant Tweets in their search results within the Google app (iOS and Android) and mobile web. Twitter provides an example: “If you’re interested in hearing more from Taylor Swift, a quick search on Google will pull up her most recent Tweets. Or, if you’re a TV buff, a search for #MadMen will bring up the most relevant news and Tweets about Sunday’s series finale.”

When tapping on a Tweet in Google search, you’re directed to to Twitter where you can view the Tweet and discover additional content. Twitter comments that with their deep integration of Twitter’s real-time content into Google search, users will find it easier than ever to explore their interests across both Twitter and Google.

Twitter claims the desktop web version is coming.

Socialdraft’s “Drag & Drop”


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