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The winter holiday season is probably the most important to most businesses. It is the time when consumer spending will be at its highest, and the last chance brands and businesses have to make their quotas. That means that having a strong Social Media strategy is pivotal, especially on Instagram. We’ll give you some great ideas for marketing your brand or business during the season but before we get to that, make sure to copy and save these Winter Break and Winter Holiday Hashtags. They will help you to get more visibility on social media and increase your chances of reaching your marketing and sales goals.  Use them by clicking on the “copy” button right below the hashtags via your iPhone, Android, iPad or PC.

Winter Break and Winter Holiday Hashtags

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 Social Media Marketing Tips for the Winter Break and Winter Holiday

Don’t wait until November to have your holiday planned out. You need to start thinking about this way before Black Friday. This way you’re not running around like a chicken without a head.

Don’t expect Social Media to do all your selling for you. Begin to plan out newsletters, mailers, blogs, and ads as well as social media posts. An all-encompassing strategy has a much better chance to get you the results you want. Check out this article for a list of ideas on how to promote your social media offline.

Think about the offers you can provide and when you can provide them. You can kick-start your holiday selling by offering super discounts now. Black Friday before Black Friday.

Create some add-on goodies. For example, each time a customer shops with you before the holiday season and shares their purchase to social media, they earn points towards a super special free item (think of this like the free Turkey supermarkets give over the holidays).

Host an event to kick off the season. Maybe an Instagram Fan Only wine tasting at your restaurant. Or a free upgrade on a manicure to a customer who posts about it to their Instagram account. Keep in mind it’s all about thinking outside the box…besides, when they come in for that mani, they’ll probably get a pedicure as well.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. Happy Holidays.

Winter Hashtags need to make sense in the context of your messages

Swanky Monkey Garden, a popular nightlife spot understands the power of winter hashtags. Imagine yourself checking out Instagram on a cold winter day and seeing this delicious treat. Pretty enticing, right?

How to reach people in a location on Instagram

Beer Snack Almanac understands how to use location hashtags along with winter break hashtags. During their NYC visit, they used hyper-local hashtags such as #newforkcity #nycfood #nycdining #grubshotsnyc #nybeer #winternyc & #bestbrewsofnyc. This will make it easier for them to be found by a target local audience and those who are interested in NYC and as such, they will increase their chances of converting them.

Come up for brands and businesses by using their hashtags on Instagram

Lina is a photographer who uses Instagram to drive traffic to her blog. She is very smart about winter hashtag use. Notice how she includes both winter hashtags as well as the hashtags for the brands of products that are featured in her image. It’s a great way to come up when people search say #UrbanOutfitters on Instagram.

How to combine brand and winter hashtags

Famed chocolatier, Godiva, is smart about pushing out their brand. Note how they use both #Godiva and #GodivaChocolate on their posts. It both teaches their audience to use the tag AND allows them control over what comes up on search. Note how while Godiva has only created around 1,000 images, there are well over one million that come up on search.

How to Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts


Now that you have a strong strategy on how to use winter break and winter holiday hashtags on Instagram, you need a tool to help you execute on this strategy. Socialdraft is an all-in-one Instagram marketing tool for teams. With Socialdraft you can:

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