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It’s kinda crazy to see how many small businesses are still ignoring video marketing. It is perhaps the hype that came with social networks that caused mom & pops to ignore this incredibly powerful marketing too. However, you should stop ignoring video and both embrace it AND incorporate into your social media efforts.  Video becomes more and more important. Facebook, for example, gives more organic reach to those pages that directly upload video to its platform. Instagram pushes video content on search, on live…everywhere…so, if you’re making video content for social media, you should be repurposing it for video sites.

Small Business Video Marketing Guide

Before we dive deep into video marketing for your small business, let us look at a few stats so you can have  full grasp on just how important video marketing is:

  • Almost 80% of the population watches online videos weekly
  • More than half (55%) watch videos online daily
  • 2020 85% of all US consumer internet traffic is expected to be video by 2020.
  • After Google, YouTube gets the second most traffic.
  • 1/3 of all internet users are on YouTube.
  • 45% of people watch over an hour of video on Facebook or YouTube weekly.
  • “How to” queries on YouTube have increased 70% year on year.
  • People consume over 100 million hours of video daily on Facebook.
  • 500 million people watch videos on Facebook daily.
  • Facebook gives videos uploaded natively 135% more organic reach than photos.
  • 82% of Twitter users consume video on the network.
  • Almost 60% of executives prefer to watch videos than read online.
  • The majority of people (55%) pay more attention to content in videos than any other type of content.
  • 51% of video is consumed on mobile devices.
  • 95% of people remember content if they have consumed it in video. This number goes to only 10% when content is consumed as text.
  • Video generates 1200% more social shares than both text and image content.
  • Half of internet users conduct video searches related to products or services prior to making a purchase.
  • Video demos of products increase purchases by 1.81 times.
  • 65% of executives have visited a vendor’s site and 39% have contacted a vendor after watching one of their videos.
  • Including the word “video” in subject lines for emails increases open by 19% and clickthrough by 65%.

Small Business Video Marketing Tips

Keep it Short

People online have short attention spans. They don’t want to waste time watching a super long intro and waiting for you to get to the meat of things. How short is their attention span? 1/3 of viewers only watch 30 seconds, 3/4 one minute, and more than half by two minutes. What does this mean to you? Be direct, clear, and give them what they want.

Use Close Captions

Closed captions increase video views

Right now, 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound. This could be because people are at work, because they hate cheesy background music…or plenty of other reasons. Make it easy for them to consume your content by adding subtitles. AirBnB does this in their videos which makes it easy to sneak in their content…even when the boss is nearby.

Use Custom Thumbnails

How to increase video views

You’d be surprised how powerful a custom thumbnail can be for your videos. They will increase your click-throughs and your watch times. When you create your custom thumbnail, make sure it is not cluttered, that it is easy to read, and that it tells the viewer exactly they will get from the video.

Craft an Engaging Title

Just like a headline to an article or blog, video titles can pull in viewers. When you craft your title keep two things in mind:

  • Make it appealing so people want to click and watch – no vanilla boring titles.
  • Use keywords so that it is search friendly, regardless of what social network you are publishing this post to.

Include your URL in your video

How to get more conversions from Twitter video

When you edit your video make sure you add your URL to it. Make it easier for people to remember your brand and to head over to your website. It’s basic SEO practice that you include your URL, but outside of link building…the goal is to control your audience…and get them where they can take an action, be that a purchase or subscription, so don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Use Your Video Content to the Max

If you’re creating video, think beyond YouTube. Post it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest…don’t stop there. If your mail goal is to get YouTube views, then embed the video or share the link. If your goal is to get Facebook engagement, upload it directly there. Just make sure you optimize that amazing content and that you use it to reach your business goals.

How to Manage & Grow Your Social Media Accounts

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If you are marketing your brand or business online and you’re not doing so on YouTube, you’re missing out. But before we get to why you need to market on YouTube, check out the list of YouTube hashtags below. These are optimized hashtags to help you get the most amount of visibility on social media (especially Instagram) for your YouTube related posts.

Best YouTube Hashtags

Use the YouTube hashtags below by clicking on the copy button below using your iPhone, iPad, Android, or PC. Then paste into the social network you are posting to.

#YouTube #subscribe #comment #video #gaming #spotting #vlog #pranks #scareprank #makeup #tutorial #youtuber #comedyshortsgamer #ksi #guitar
#freetutorial #livestream #streaming #channel #uploads #social #episode #episodes #serie #movie #documentary #views #likes #subscribers

Think You Know YouTube? Here are Some Stats to Get You Started

It’s kind of redundant to say that YouTube is very popular when it comes to video-sharing. The itty-bitty start up that launched February 2005 was bought by Google for more than a billion USD in 2006. Individuals, channels, and organizations uploaded 400 hours of video EVERY SINGLE minute of 2015!!!

More than 1/3 of the world’s entire population uses YouTube, and half of those users are doing so on their smart phones or tablets.

YouTube gets more views by 18-34 & 18-49 year olds than any cable network in the USA. Are you starting to see why you should be marketing on YouTube?

Over half of the views on YouTube are consumed in mobile, and the length of the average viewing session is 40 minutes (that number is up 50% YOY). Impressive, right!

YouTube & Other Social Networks

As mentioned above, YouTube is a Google subsidiary (and IMHO one of their smartest purchases). If you are marketing on YouTube, make sure that you connect your other social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. This way when you publish, you can easily share to those social networks.

Hashtags on YouTube

A regular search on YouTube will bring up artists, channels, music videos or songs. If you are looking for something specific, you should use hashtags to get a more targeted search. On this note, this is why HASHTAGS ARE A MUST ON YOUTUBE!

When uploading your own video, it is also important to add an SEO friendly description to it as well as hashtags so that your video can have a chance to get more views and likes.

Want to learn more about hashtags? Click here to learn how to find the perfect hashtags.

How to Manage Your Instagram Accounts

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As a default setting you are going to be able to upload videos to YouTube that are up to 15 minutes along in duration.

And while that is all well and good for the overwhelming majority of people that are using YouTube to share their videos, occasionally (or not all that occasionally, as the case may be) you’re going to need to upload videos to the platform that are a lot longer than 15 minutes.

Unfortunately, the process for doing exactly that is going to take a little bit longer than you may have expected – and you’ll need to know exactly how to navigate the process. That’s where this quick guide comes into play.

We are going to share with you exactly how to upload videos longer than 15 minutes on YouTube 2016, and we are going to break down this process into as simple and straightforward a system as we can. By the time you’re done with this quick guide you’ll know exactly how to upload videos longer than 15 minutes, and you’ll know how to do so faster than you would have ever thought possible.

Shall we dive right in?


How long of a video can you post on YouTube?

As we mentioned above, as a default YouTube user, you are only ever going to be able to upload videos that are up to 15 minutes long until you go through the actual process of uploading longer pieces of content.

There are a couple of reasons as to why YouTube has put this restriction in place, but mostly they did so in an effort to cut down on the amount of spam content that was landing on the YouTube servers.

Believe it or not, there were quite a few people out there that were pumping nothing but nonsense videos up on YouTube – we’re talking about an exceedingly long piece of content that added no real value to the platform whatsoever – and really dragging down the performance of everyone’s content.

By restricting the majority of users to only being able to upload 15 minutes worth of video content, YouTube built in a safeguard. Sure, the safeguards are relatively simple and straightforward to get past for legitimate reasons, but you’ll still need to know exactly how to do so.

On top of that, when you know exactly how to upload videos longer than 15 minutes on YouTube 2016, you’ll still be able to post your extra long content but you won’t have worried about YouTube lagging it, deleting it, or cutting its resources.

As of right now (February 2016) everyone on YouTube that goes into the process of unlocking longer than 15 minute video uploads is going to be able to upload a maximum file size of 128 GB with a maximum duration of 11 hours.

You can break up your content into multiple chunks if necessary (Part I, Part II, etc.) if your content exceeds those limits, but right now they are the ones that have been established.

Here’s how to upload videos longer than 15 minutes on YouTube 2016

The process for uploading longer pieces of content on YouTube couldn’t be any easier or more simple and straightforward.

All you are going to have to do is log into your YouTube account as usual and then moved to the “Upload” section of your profile.

You’ll have the chance to increase the limit of your YouTube uploads by visiting www.YouTube.com/verify and increasing the amount of space that you’re able to use with every individual upload, but you’ll also be able to get to this area of the platform by visiting the “Increase Your Limit” section of the site.

You’ll have to follow the steps to verify your account (you’ll need access to a mobile phone), and you’ll be able to choose to receive your verification message through text or as an automated phone call.

Once you move through this process you’ll be able to upload longer pieces of content at any point in time. This is a one-time only kind of arrangement, and it is something that once set up will ALWAYS be set up.