Tattoo Parlor Review Monitoring

With the internet playing such a huge role in our daily lives, customers from all walks of life are utilizing the powers of the web to research the reputation of a specific tattoo parlor long before they ever walk through the door. While the web may be packed full of glowing reviews that paint a positive tattoo parlor reputation, a bad review from just one unhappy customer can quickly do serious damage to the positive reputation that the tattoo parlor worked so hard to create.

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Something as simple as a blog post, tweet, or even an angry comment on the likes of Facebook or Google+ can quickly grow legs, and spread like wildfire across the internet. One minute you have more appointments than you can possibly handle, and before you know it your shop has turned into a ghost town, leaving you wondering what caused all your loyal customers to go running in the other direction.

As business owners we all do our best to go above and beyond our customers’ expectations, but there are always those customers whose expectations are so high, they are impossible to satisfy. And when these customers leave feeling unhappy with the service they received, they are the ones that leave the harshest feedback for a shop with no true understanding of what it can do to the owners business.

Now you may be thinking that once the damage has been done to your tattoo parlor reputation, there is no way to come back from it, but that is not the case. There is online tattoo parlor reputation monitoring service, called Socialdraft which was designed specifically to scour the web and notify tattoo parlor owner of all comments, both good and bad, that are being said about them on the internet, all in real time.

This review monitoring service is the first of its kind on the internet and keeps tattoo parlor owners aware of the status of their online reputation, along with tools that give them the ability to manage as well as enhance their online reputation. The service scans all the major review sites such as Yellowpages, Yahoo! Local, and Yelp, as well as blogs and forums where customers commonly go to share their opinions and their frustrations with a particular business.

With this review monitoring service in your corner, you never need to go it alone in terms of managing your online reputation. Easy to use tools, and analysis of customer issues, allow you to keep your reputation on track, while allowing you to spend time on what matters most, running your business.

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