How to use hashtags to market your tea business

Optimized Tea Hashtags for Instagram and How to get the Most out of them

It seems that everyone thinks of coffee as the world’s favorite beverage. What they don’t know is that just last year Americans drank more than 80 billion cups of tea (and 85% of that was black tea). On top of that, 4/5 people drink tea AND 87% of millennials drink tea. This means that if you are in the tea industry, you need to be on Instagram where lifestyles is king and Millennials rule the roost. We’ll discuss how to implement your Instagram tea hashtag strategy and give you some of the best practices for the network; but before you get started, copy the  Instagram Tea Hashtags below by clicking the “Copy Button”. You can do this on your iPhone, Android, iPad or PC. Then save them as shown in the video below and get ready to get a return on the time and money you’re investing on Instagram marketing.


#Tea #Teatime #Cupoftea #Foodporn #Instatea #Tealife #Socialdraft #Teaporn #Tealover #Tealove #Cake #Teacups #Chocolate #Hightea #Englishtea #Cookies #Dessert #Candies #Teaparty #Sandwich #Afternoontea #Tealovers #F4f #Jam

[pw-clippy caption=”Copy” suffix=”#socialdraft” ]#Tea #Teatime #Cupoftea #Foodporn #Instatea #Tealife #Socialdraft #Teaporn #Tealover #Tealove #Cake #Teacups #Chocolate #Hightea #Englishtea #Cookies #Dessert #Candies #Teaparty #Sandwich #Afternoontea #Tealovers #Jam [/pw-clippy]

How to Use Tea Hashtags

 Use a Mix of General & Specialized Hashtags

Looking for a great afternoon pick me up? Why not try our Sencha Green Tea! It’s a Japanese style steamed green team with a clean fresh flavour. You can also add a slice of lemon to add a delicious citrus twist! #Tea #greentea #sencha #steamed #green #healthy #healthydrinks #afternoontea #afternoonpickmeup #lemon #foodstagram #igfood #hot #hotbeverage

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The hashtags we’ve given you above are general tea hashtags. These are a great place to start, but they won’t get you to Instagram success by themselves. We need to talk about how hashtags work and their function. Hashtags are Instagram SEO (Search Engine Optimization). You see, Instagram is more than a social network. It is a discovery engine, a mini Google. The Instagram hashtags get used a lot. That means that because the Instagram feed is ephemeral, your posts will most likely get bumped quite fast from search on these terms. As of today there are 15 million posts that are tagged “tea” on Instagram. You want to begin to integrate more specialized hashtags so that you can come up on the “Top Posts” of Instagram AND so that you can reach a targeted audience. You don’t want people looking for “#tea”, you want the people looking to buy “#Oolong“. In order to find these specialized hashtags, just type one of them into Instagram search. Choose those that have been used between 100,000 – 500,000 times. Instagram will give you a bunch to play with as suggestions. Add these to your post and enjoy the organic traffic. Geo-Targeted Hashtags

If you are a tea producer selling wholesale or a tea blogger, this may not 100% apply to you. This is more for shops or those who are conducting business within a geographical area. If you are a tea shop, you need to target by geo-location. Just look at Tea Bella in Tampa. They know that unless they use geo-targeted hashtags they won’t be found. Notice how they use geo-targeted hashtags (#igerstampa #igersstpete #hiddentampa #choosetampa #sotampa #ilovetheburg #instaburg #instagram_florida #explorida #roamflorida #shoplocal #shopsmall #bestofthebay #botb ). This means that whenever someone looks for #igersstpete, this shop has a chance of getting on their radar. This is smart Instagram marketing.

Trending Hashtags

A great way to get into people’s feeds is to talk about whatever is trending. You can’t just use the hashtags on a completely unrelated post, so you need to get creative here. Be it the Emmy’s, or a soccer game like the example above, you need to create content that fits the trend AND your brand. You can check Twitter to see what’s trending. If it’s trending there, it is probably trending on Instagram too. Branded Hashtags How to turn customers into brand advocates for your tea business Instagram is a great place to strengthen your brand. Come up with a branded hashtag. Something simple, short, and easy to remember. Then educate your consumers on using the hashtag. Note the example from Stash above. They only have posted 260 posts, but their hahstag #stashtea has been used over 8,000 times. That means they have built an army of customers that advertise their products for them. This is powerful. In the beginning, you may have to incentivize your customers. So combine your hashtag with a discount or giveaway in order to get this moving. You can use your branded hashtags another way. You can also educate your users so that you will repost their images when they use your tags. This is a great way to crowdsource content (and save yourself time).  Product Hashtags

You are either selling someone else’s teas, or you are producing your own to sell to others. This technique works for you both. You want to work off of someone else’s reputation & following. This type of hashtag lends your brand validation and also gets that brand’s followers to find yours. Make sure to not just use the hashtag for the brand, but also to at tag them on the post. they will receive a notification. If they have a smart social media manager, they will take the time to like and comment on your post (and maybe even repost). We just loved how Lark’s Restaurant tagged #HarneyAndSons on their tea cocktail.

Post Daily


One of the cardinal laws of Instagram is that you must be active on a daily basis. Most research out there agrees that when your account is inactive, you will lose followers. Besides, Instagram recently implemented an algorithm that is directly tied to engagement. If you’re not active, you’re not getting engagement and you will drop in the feed. You can use a dashboard like Socialdraft to schedule your posts to Instagram. You can also engage users by liking their posts, and search for items to repost. So get out there and get active on Instagram today.


How to Manage Your Instagram Accounts

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