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Ten Pinterest Stats All Marketers Need in 2016

All smart and savvy marketers understand that there is tremendous power and influence in understanding the “numbers” behind the marketing and advertising that they do.

This is especially true of marketing and advertising on the Internet, and doubly true when your marketing with social media.

Without understanding your numbers, without understanding Pinterest stats and 2016 figures, and without knowing exactly how many people use Pinterest on a regular basis – and how many are likely to visit your page and interact with your content – you’ll never have a chance to enjoy the kind of success you’re hoping for.

That’s why we are sharing with you these 10 critical pieces of Pinterest information below. Hopefully, you’ll be able to use them to improve your marketing and advertising on Pinterest dramatically.


100,000,000+ regular users already on Pinterest

With more than 100 million regular users logging into Pinterest every day, the marketing and advertising opportunities that you have available to you are unlike anything else out there.

Sure, Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram may be larger than Pinterest – but when you figure out how many people use Pinterest on a daily basis, how many of them purchase products from Pinterest or because of Pinterest, and how many of them are part of your target market, you’ll see exactly why this platform is so important to your bottom line.

85% of Pinterest users are female

It is of vital importance to laser target your marketing and your advertising today, and when you know that the overwhelming majority of people that are going to see your marketing and advertising pieces on Pinterest are women things become a lot easier.

You can tailor your messages to your market and your conversion rates will jump through the roof!

Nearly 75% of Pinterest users have purchased something on the platform or because of the platform

Another important number (maybe even more important than understanding how many people use Pinterest in the first place) is that the bulk of them – nearly ¾ of them, in fact – is going to either purchase something directly from a Pinterest link or because of seeing content on the platform.

This is not an insignificant figure.

60% of Pinterest users are in the United States

Another of the more important Pinterest stats 2016 has shown us is that close to 60% of all users on the platform are from the United States.

This is great news for those that are targeting US-based markets, but it’s also fantastic news for those that are targeting the international market as well. English is the dominant language on the site, so you aren’t going to have to worry about translating your content to maximize its shareability.

International growth on Pinterest was close to 135% in 2015

International growth rates on interest is sky high, a lot higher than almost any of the other major social media platforms.

We’re talking about international growth that is close to 135% in 2015 alone – an incredible figure that (if it keeps up) is only going to skyrocket your business success even faster.

The average Pinterest user stays on the platform for close to 15 minutes at a time

To have people engaged on your Pinterest platform for 15 minutes at a time is almost unheard-of in our digital world.

Remember, we live in a day and age when every competitor on the planet is only a single click away from your website, your Pinterest account, or your other social media profiles. At any point in time, your prospects can abandon ship, in the fact that they stick around for up to 15 minutes at a time on Pinterest gives you a tremendous opportunity to market and advertise to them.

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media platforms on the planet

As we touched upon above, Pinterest is growing at an exponential rate.

Millions of people are joining the site every month, and since it is one of the younger social media platforms, it’s only going to continue to grow and grow as it matures. You’ll have access to fresh traffic for quite a while.

Businesses have more success on Pinterest when they post five times a day

Even though you are going to have the opportunity to market on Pinterest as often or as infrequently as you like, research shows that the “sweet spot” is right at five posts a day. Any less than that and you won’t have enough content to share, and any more than that and people begin to feel overwhelmed.

Saturday afternoon (or the evening) is the best time to post on Pinterest

According to the people behind Pinterest, the best time to post content and really maximize its share-ability potential is to upload it on Saturday afternoon or in the evening. This gives you the best chance to really spread your message, as that’s when the overwhelming majority of Pinterest users are on at the same time.

Different days of the week are better to post specific pieces of content than others

At the same time, different days of the week are better suited to posting different types of content than others.

Monday is a great day for fitness posts, for example, while Friday is best suited to funny posts. You’ll have to do a little bit of experimenting to figure out exactly how to get the most out of your content, but it’s important to remember that there is real value in posting regularly and on a specific schedule.

How to Schedule Pins to Boards on Pinterest


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