How to automate social media for small businesses

Things YOU should be automating to Save Time on Social Media

Even though the overwhelming majority of smart and savvy business owners out there today understand the value of social media marketing, most of them would agree that there just isn’t enough time to regularly leverage everything that social media marketing has to offer.

Imagine you’re restaurant who does their own social media. Suddenly you get a call that your bartender called out. This means that someone on your staff (or you) will have to man the bar. This means that suddenly, all those social media posts and reviews you wanted to look at will have to wait until tomorrow and work begins piling up. This is just an example, but this can happen to any type of business.

There’s just too much on the plates of these business owners to add all the tasks that come with the world of social media as well.

There are two choices:

  1. Hire someone to manage your Social Media (not a bad idea)
  2. Learn about some automation tools to help you with your Social Media Marketing

Thankfully, you’re going to be able to dramatically streamline social media efforts when you take advantage of automation tools that do the bulk of the “heavy lifting” for you.

We are going to help you out in this department, helping point you in the right direction as far as things you should be automating on social media – as well as those that are almost impossible to automate reliably – so that you can shortcut the process and really hit the ground running.

Shall we dive right in?

Outline your social media goals in advance

The first thing that you were going to need to do when tackling a social media automation project is to outline the results and goals that you are hoping to achieve in the first place.

For one reason or another, the overwhelming majority of business people out there today are just kind of flying by the seat of their pants when it comes to marketing and advertising. Many of them feel as though advertising and marketing are rather simple and straightforward so they just kind of throw anything they can at the wall and hope it sticks when nothing could be further from the truth.

The best advertising and marketing starts off with a crystal clear idea about what you’re hoping to achieve, who you are hoping to attract, and what you want them to do next – and you’ll only be able to streamline social media marketing efforts if you take this kind of approach.

Take a few days to really try and drill down into the types of results that you’re looking to achieve. By aligning your goals in advance you’ll be able to set up analytic tools that help you track your progress towards those goals, and you’ll though how to adjust on the fly to speed things up and blow past even your loftiest aspirations!

Take advantage of the best tools to help you streamline social media marketing

Secondly, you’re going to need to focus on finding the best tools to help you automate your social media marketing efforts.

There are quite a few tools available on the market today (some of them free of charge, but many of the best ones charging a premium fee), and you’ll need to compare and contrast the different options before you take the plunge. We built Socialdraft to help you with a lot of Social Media automation for your business, so today we’ll discuss the features that will help you automate your social media efforts, save you time and get you results:

A Social Media Scheduler


This is a worthwhile investment for anyone marketing their business in Social Media. Use a scheduler, pick one day of the week, and bang out all the posts that need to come out. This way, when there is an emergency, you can rest assured that all your social media posts are taken care of. If you choose Socialdraft, you’re in luck. Socialdraft is based on a calendar. This means that:

  • It is easy to visualize when things need to come out (special promotions, holidays, etc).
  • You can drag & drop things to re-schedule them on the calendar
  • You can duplicate posts – for example – if you run the same specials every Thursday, you can duplicate them instead of repeating your work over and over again
  • Post the same content to multiple social networks at once

Reputation Management Software

You can’t be logging onto review sites and googling your business or brand name every day. You need a tool that will tell you when you are mentioned in real-time and that you can use to turn the good alerts into social media posts. You can do this easily with Google Alerts.

Influencer Tools 

There are two types of tools you need.


One is a way to find people talking about your industry or brand as well as your competitors. You need this tool because the best way to find new customers is to see who is working with your competition. Our photos feature does just this. Search by keyword – be it geographic location, industry, or a targeted hashtag, and we give you content from people talking about just this. You can then re-share their content to your social media – and engage them.


Put your results on autopilot


Finally, you’re going to want to put your results on autopilot by installing analytics tools and tracking solutions that give you an idea about whether or not what you’re doing is working and how to improve all of your online marketing operations. The last thing you want to do is spend hours looking at Facebook and Twitter analytics, comparing results to your social media posts to figure out what is working and what is not. Socialdraft offers a simple to use reporting tool, so you can hop on and download your reports whenever you want.

By taking advantage of these kinds of tools, you’ll always know where you stand in the social media world, but you’ll also understand which areas to dump resources into certain areas to pull resources from command with or not your attempt to automate everything on social media is working as well as you had hoped.