How Pinterest can be used to increase traffic to your website

12 Tips on Getting Loads of Traffic From Pinterest

Success with social media marketing is a lot easier than most people make it out to be – if you know what you’re doing in the first place. But that’s where most people drop the ball.

A lot marketers, advertisers, and business people try to use social media for their businesses in the same manner as their personal accounts, and that just doesn’t “cut the mustard”. You aren’t going to make any money on Pinterest (or any other social media platform) without taking the marketing channel seriously, doing some research, and implementing things properly.

Thankfully, we can share with you some inside information that will help you unlock the secret to driving web traffic from Pinterest. With the help of the following tips, you’re going to be able to channel the power of one of the largest social media platforms on the planet with more than 100 million users.

12 Tips on Getting More Traffic from Pinterest

1) Understand your target market

The first trick to driving web traffic from Pinterest is that you’re going to need to understand your market and demographics – that’s why a lot of people struggle on this platform to begin with. You have to understand absolutely EVERYTHING about your target market. You need to know who they are, what they are interested in, what kinds of pins they already have on their own Pinterest accounts, and what kind of content today are going to be most excited about.

Create a “persona”, start off with who you think your customer is. Then, head to Google Analytics and see if you are right. Chances are you are at least wrong on a few things. When you understand your market to this level you’ll be able to effortlessly create marketing components and campaigns that allow you to unleash all of the leverage that web traffic from Pinterest as to offer. Without understanding your market, you’ll be flailing around and just adding to the noise and confusion like most others already are.

2) Create multi step campaigns

A lot of people try to figure out how to get clicks to their website from Pinterest with “one shot” advertising and marketing campaigns, but that’s just not going to work. Pinterest users are very savvy, very smart, and very guarded when it comes to marketing on the platform. You don’t want to send them directly from your opinions to your sales page, but instead send them to another piece of killer content that slowly introduces the sales material.

3) Use rich content on Pinterest

Another of the best secrets you’re going to want to use to drive web traffic from Pinterest is taking advantage of the “rich content” options available on the platform. Load up all of your pins with this extra content and you’ll be able to convey a big chunk of your marketing and advertising in a single pin – speeding up the conversion rate and helping you boost your sales figures across the board.

4) Call to action

Every advanced marketer worth their weight in gold understands the value of including Call to Action (CTA).You cannot just assume that your Pinterest prospects are going to take the necessary steps you need them to in order to become your customers, but instead need to explicitly outline for them what you’d like them to do next. This is a big piece of the puzzle people forget when trying to get clicks to my website from Pinterest, but it’s one that will unlock a significant amount of wealth for you.

5) Less text

There are a lot of people on Pinterest who tried to get away with text rich posts on the platform, but you’re going to want to shy away from that as much as possible. Pinterest is, first and foremost, a very visual medium and you’ll need to unlock everything that photos and short videos have to offer on Pinterest. Sure, you might want to include a little bit of text on your images – or sprinkle a couple of text only posts on your page – but you don’t want to go text heavy. Save that for other pieces of your marketing funnel!

6) Post to Pinterest on a Daily Basis

You can’t drive traffic to your website from Pinterest unless you pin. You need to do this daily to keep your content fresh on the feed. Lucky for you, you can now schedule pins using the Socialdraft drag and drop calendar. Just check out how easy it is in the video above.

7) Use Photos over graphics

Photos with people are more successful on Pinterest than graphics.

8) Include a Pin It button on your site

When you add the Pin It button to your site, your customers can save things they like onto Pinterest, which means more people can find it.With a Pin It button.

9) Join group boards

When you pin to group boards, your pins are accessible to a much larger audience. But be selective on the boards you choose to pin on and check out the quality of their pins.

10) Include a link to your blog or website

Including a link in your pin’s description can help drive more traffic to your blog or site.

11) Increase Engagement

Increase engagement by pinning regularly, by commenting on other pins, and by repining content relevant to your business, as well as content from influencers.

12) Schedule pins with Socialdraft


With Socialdraft you can schedule pins in advance, and schedule pins at different times. Remember that each pin is another link you’re adding to the most effective social network for driving traffic, so you want to make sure that you’re active on the network on a daily basis, multiple times per day. Besides, you don’t want to just publish every pin at the same time, sprinkling them throughout gives you a better chance of having more people see, share, and click on your links, so make Pinterest a consistent time of your social SEO strategy.