The Best Online Reputation Management Tools

Social media is great for sharing information, promoting your business and expanding your brand’s reach. It can also be a bit daunting. Now you have to worry about what people are saying about you on review sites, social networks, blogs…you get the idea. Because online mentions can spread so quickly, it’s imperative that you use one of the best online reputation management tools. This way you know if any issue comes up and you can handle it before it gets out of control. We have assembled some of the best tools available to manage your online reputation. Without further ado, our list of the best online reputation management tools.

Online Reputation Management Tools



Shows detailed breakdowns of your Twitter followers and what they do. You can also compare your social graph to competitors, friends, or industry leaders. Slice any Twitter user’s followers into actionable segments. Find most influential, dormant, old, and provides statistics about who has followed you or a competitor.


To track tweets and see an overall analytics report of how far tweets are reaching. They provide measurement on the reach of Twitter accounts, brands, campaigns, events and hashtags on Twitter, helping customers understand and improve their social media strategies. In addition to TweetReach, Union Metrics also offers in-depth analytics for both Instagram and Tumblr. Track any public Instagram account or hashtag, or any Tumblr blog or topic.


Kred provides scores for a user’s overall social network participation as well as its affiliation with interest-based communities. Community membership is determined by words used in a person’s Twitter Bio as well as keywords, and hashtags they have historically used in their posts. In addition, a person is included as a member of a community if they are found to have high Influence within that community.


Allows you to make “recipes” of various social media strategies. Recipes are simple connections between products and apps. There are two types of Recipes: Do Recipes and IF Recipes. Do Recipes run with just a tap and enable you to create your own personalized Button, Camera, and Notepad. IF Recipes run automatically in the background. Create powerful connections with one simple statement — if this then that. It works wonders when paired up with Socialdraft.


Allows you to view social profiles in Gmail inbox. Rapportive shows you everything about your contacts right inside your inbox.


Real-time Monitoring and Analytics for Twitter. Tracks various keywords, showing the top tweets, and which tweets are re-tweeted more.