The Best Instagram Accounts to Follow for Wedding Inspiration

Top 10 Instagram Accounts for Wedding Ideas

If you’re a bride-to-be and you’re dreaming of a picture-perfect wedding which is filled with romance, joy and good vibes from family and friends, you’ll find that browsing the top Instagram accounts for wedding ideas will be a great way to plan for your special day.

In case you don’t already know, Instagram is a photo-sharing social media platform which also allows members to share videos and set preferred privacy levels for video and photos. You may share things via the app if you’re a member or share them through your other social media accounts.

Instagram is very flexible and versatile and that’s why it’s so popular with everyday people, as well as the world’s hottest celebrities and brands! By checking out the Instagram accounts of others who are planning weddings, promoting wedding-related products and services, et cetera, you’ll be able to see what’s hot and happening in terms of planning these special events.

You’ll also be able to look at some gorgeous wedding dresses, veils and wedding accessories.

Whether you want to find the perfect wedding down, need ideas for cheap bridesmaid’s dresses of what have you, there’s definitely an Instagram account which will offer welcome inspiration. Now, let’s talk about three fine choices which really just scratch the surface. Simply search the Instagram platform in order to find more…just to give you an idea of how much content is out there here are the results when you search some wedding hashtags

#wedding 49,435,214 posts

#bridetobe 2,258,546 posts

#weddingdress 3,284,488 posts

Check out Vera Wang’s Instagram Account!

Vera Wang Inspiration for weddings can be found on her Instagram account

You may not have enough money to buy a designer wedding gown from acclaimed fashion designer, Vera Wang. However, browsing her Instagram account may provide you with ideas in terms of which style of wedding dress is right for you. It’s often possible to find cheaper versions (knock-offs) of the most elite wedding dresses via other manufacturers.

So, there is great value in seeing what the best wedding gown designers in the world are producing for their well-heeled clients!

Brides Magazine, of course!

Brides Magazine Instagram account

Brides Magazine also has an Instagram account and it’s a great one! There’s so much inspiration. You’ll see some gorgeous pictures of real-life weddings and one of these photographs may help you to create a theme for your own nuptials. Since Brides Magazine covers all aspects of weddings, it’s not just about dresses and will therefore provide you with a well-rounded group of photographs which are updated frequently.

Loverly Makes Things Simple and Fun

How to use Loverly to get Bridal Inspiration

If you want a modern wedding which is relative simple and easy to plan, we definitely recommend following Loverly on Instagram. This wonderful Instagram account offers brides-to-be tons of visual inspiration. It’s all about planning a wedding which doesn’t use up a ton of resources and energy.


Cotton and CrumbsWill Make Your Mouth Water

Tracy Jame's Cotton And Crumbs on Instagram

If you’re interested in cake ideas, @cottonandcrumbs has posted some fantastic pictures of their designs that are truly inspirational. The account showcases gorgeous baked goods including wedding cakes, macaroons, and tiny cakes that look like vintage jewelry boxes.


Lyndsey Hamilton Events

Best instagram accounts to get wedding inspiration

Lyndsey Hamilton Events is a celebrated event production and design firm that has captured wedding experiences with their unique approach with the snapshots of this fabulous account. This account is all about creating the right setting for the experience.


Revelry Event Designers for a A Touch of Drama

Instagram account to get wedding party ideas

This Los Angeles design company shares beautiful photos of wedding-related events, and also share images of their furniture rentals for lounge areas and event. This company is known as LA’s go-to event and interior design company, specializing in designing and installing private and corporate events worldwide.


Amsale Bridal Will Help You Say Yes to the Dress

How to use Instagram to choose a bridal gown

This 25-year-old bridal designer, Amsale Aberra, has included photos of some of the world’s most elegantly dressed brides. The designer bridal collection from Amsale is effortless, understated glamour with a true sense of timeless beauty.


Get Away with Jacin Fitzgerald

Find your perfect wedding destination with Jacin Fitzgerald on Instagram

Jacin Fitzgerald showcases 12 years of wedding expertise collected from her service planning and design. Jacin is a wedding planner and floral designer of up to 4 clients per year, and is included in Martha Stewart Weddings’ elite list of top wedding planners.


Get a Focus with Christine Bentley

Chris Bentley's Instagram account for Wedding inspiration

Christine Bentley is a wedding photographer that photographs beautiful weddings, which is reflected in her wedding feed of ceremonies, receptions, engagement photos, rings, and invitations. Bentley is an Internationally Published & Award Winning Wedding Photographer, Available Worldwide.


Maggie Sottero Designs

Use Instagram for your Bridal Inspiration

If you’re looking for a beautifully unique wedding dress, check out @maggiesottero for sensational wedding gown designs. Maggie Sottero creates extraordinary wedding gowns, turning every bride’s vision into stunning reality with innovative and captivating styles.

Visit Instagram Today for More Inspiration

You deserve to feel like a queen on the big day. Planning your wedding perfectly will help you to enjoy the big day. Everything will be organized, so you may simply relax and enjoy the most romantic day of your life! The Instagram accounts that we’ve listed here will help you to gain inspiration. These top Instagram accounts for wedding ideas have strong followings and they are very safe bets. When you use these Instagram accounts for bridal inspiration, you’ll find it easier to take care of details which are related to your wedding planning.

Whether you want a small wedding or something with all of the bells and whistles, you’ll find that Instagram is a great place to find the wedding ideas that you need, from dress ideas to bridal makeup tips to wedding cakes and beyond. In fact, it’s safe to say that every aspect of wedding planning is covered at this photo-sharing social media platform.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this detailed guide and that you visit each link that we’ve posted. Naturally, there are many more. However, we’ve taken care to recommend Instagram accounts which offer a lot of value to brides-to-be. As well, these accounts feature crisp and beautiful photographs, so visiting them will be an absolute pleasure.

Wedding planning will always take time. Having a theme or a lot of ideas of various elements of your wedding and reception will help you to take care of tasks quickly. Wedding planning requires decision-making and our tips are designed to help you make smart decisions over a shorter time frame. So, why not visit our Instagram links today?

How to Use Instagram to Plan Your Wedding

It may be a good idea to use Instagram to plan your wedding. You can set up a private account and invite your wedding party.

Then repost images of your ideas for dresses, cakes, etc.

Tell your wedding party to like those they like best for you.

You can also direct message your party with images you want to get opinions on.