Use these Tour de France hashtags to get more likes on Instagram

Tour De France Hashtags

The Tour de France is the world’s most important cycling events and a great way to drive your marketing efforts this Summer. If you’re going to market your business on Instagram during the Tour de France, you need to know all about the event, AND you need to use the right set of Tour de France hashtags to get more organic reach from a targeted audience. Let’s break this all down so you can have a successful campaign.

 Tour de France Hashtags

Copy and save these Tour De France hashtags for your Instagram posts. Then read on to learn about the event and to learn a strong hashtag strategy so you can reach eyes that convert.

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What is the Tour De France

It’s an incredible bike race. The Tour de France (aka TDF) lasts for a total of 22 days, starting on July 6, and ending on July 28, 2019 and is held throughout France. This test of endurance and power finished at the Champs Elysees and the Arc de Triomphe in Paris making for some incredible Instagram shots.

How to Use Tour de France Hashtags on Instagram

Use branded hashtags to amplify your message

Include Your Brand’s Hashtag

If you want to convert your fans and audience into free marketers, this is the way to do it. Like the Tour de France, come up with a simple, short and easy to remember brand hashtag (like #TDF2019). Include it in your bio – and add a call-to-action – to suggest that your audience use it on their posts. Want to know how powerful this is? The official Tour de France account has only created 1,600 posts, but their hashtag has been used in more than 6,500. That’s powerful marketing.

Amplify your reach with Tour de France related brand hashtags

Related Brand Hashtags

The whole idea behind Instagram hashtags is to increase your chance of discovery. This only works if you are giving yourself the chance to be discovered by those with a related audience. For example, Velonews, an account that is dedicated to cycling news includes the hashtag #chrisfroome. By doing this, they are giving themselves a chance to come up on the feed when people are looking for images of Chris and therefore increase their chances of a click thru, a like, and a conversion.

This could also be done by say a sporting goods store that sells Specialized bikes or a restaurant in the route that is offering a deal named after their favorite. It’s all about being creative and relevant.

Widen your audience by including industry and Tour de France hashtags

Include Industry Hashtags

Not everyone who is interested in the Tour de France may be interested in your industry. This makes it incredibly important to include both Tour de France hashtags AND industry hashtags. Photographer Raymond Kerckhoffs understands this so well. He increases his audience size by including hashtags for his direct industry #sportsphotos…and it works, in only 59 minutes he reached 100 likes!

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