Handy Tumblr Guide For Small Businesses

Social media has become a major marketing channel for businesses which is dominated for the most part by platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. But businesses would be remiss in their marketing efforts by ignoring other social media venues like Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Tumblr. Today, we give you your very own Tumblr Guide For Small Businesses.

Tumblr Guide For Small Businesses

For example, Tumblr, a blogging platform with over 18 billion page views monthly and over 63 million hosted blogs, allows users to post text, images, videos, links, audio, and quotes in a microblog-type format, that essentially combines 3 popular social networks — Facebook, Pinterest, and WordPress — into one.

As Taylor Loren, a creative strategist and co-founder of a travel brand points out, what makes Tumblr unique is the ability to have a two-way conversation with existing and potential customers, instead of just creating a post and hoping people comment on it.

“Every time you create a post on Tumblr, whether it’s a single photo or a long text post, it becomes a part of Tumblr’s community.”

Another attractive feature about Tumblr is that “reblogging” content from others is encouraged as a way to help expand your reach. Tumblr users follow other blogs, like posts, and share it with their followers, which provides businesses with additional exposure to a new audience.

As with other social networks, successfully marketing your brand on Tumblr involves networking by following others, liking and reblogging their content, and encouraging other users to reblog your content which helps your business gain exposure and new customers.

The most popular type of content that gets reblogged is visual, and adding tags to your post is the best way to have other users find and share your content. Based on information gleaned from NYC Business Solutions, we’ve put together a handy guide for novice Tumblr users:

Tumblr Features

Tumblr features are similar to Twitter and Facebook.


similar to retweeting on Twitter, you can reblog another person’s post on Tumblr so the content will show up on your blog. Reblogging also makes it easy to directly see the original source of the post.


On Tumblr you can “like” other people’s content by clicking on the heart icon below the post. All your likes will show up on the right hand side of your dashboard.


Similar to Twitter, you can follow another person’s blog and their content will show up on your dashboard of blog posts.


Similar to hashtags, on Tumblr you can tag your content with relevant subjects which people can then use to search to find content related to that keyword/subject. You can also use tags to track topics that interest you.


You can respond directly on your dashboard via “reply” link to another post.

Basic Tips for beginners

 Post interesting content and use compelling images to tell your story.

 Reblog posts that you think your followers will enjoy.

 Enable to Ask and Submit features in your blog’s settings so that users can ask questions and get involved with your business.

 Tag your posts with relevant keywords so users can find them while searching tags on the site.

 Promote upcoming events.

 Share works in progress with your customers.

 Share recent press and reviews.

 Give behind the scenes glimpses.

 Photo-based posts, whether its straight-up photography, animated GIF or an infographic will get the most engagement.

 Tumblr is a great hosting platform for your primary website(not only for your blog) and is great if your business can’t hire a designer or developer.

Getting Started

First, go to www.tumblr.com/login sign up.

 You will only need an email address, password and username.

 Your URL will be the username you choose. For example, joesrestaurant.tumblr.com.

 Tumblr also offers the ability to customize the look, feel and functionality of your blog- g you can change the colors, font type, add a background image and add pages or tabs to your Tumblr page.

 In addition, you can add in Google Analytics in Tumblr’s settings to track traffic to your Tumblr page.

Tumblr sign up

Using the Tumblr Dashboard

You can utilize Tumblr by writing/creating your own original content or by curating content from other users. At the top of the dashboard, you will see a series of colorful icons labeled by format: text, photo, video, etc. This will allow you to quickly choose the type of post you’d like by clicking on the icon.

 Text:

You can make an announcement, or explain an upcoming contest.

 Photo:

Upload images of a product, your staff, a dish at your restaurant, profile a new team member. You can even upload multiple photos which can be good for events.

 Quote:

Share a quote about your business from an article or review. Share what customers are saying about your business.

 Chat:

Recount a conversation you may have had with a customer to share with your followers.

 Audio:

Post a song about your business or that everyone in your company is listening to. This can help humanize your business.

 Video:

Post recent video you took of an event or about your business.

Tumblr Dashboard

Tumblr Tags

Search other posts using Tumblr tags:

 On Tumbl ’s homepage the Explore tab contains posts by different topics based off of tags.

 Tumblr’s Spotlight features various noteworthy blogs within each tag.

 Track your favorite tags to see what other users are posting on a specific topic or about your business.

 Use tags in your posts and be sure to tag everything that is relevant.

 Using tags will increase searchability and shareability.

 Tumblr’s tag system generally represents a community that has been filtered so it should navigate you to the right audience that will be interested in your content.

Tumblr tags

Tumblr Submit and Ask Features

Tumblr is not just for self-engagement. There are a number of ways to connect with your customers.

 There is an option to send messages to users privately through the envelop icon at the top of your dashboard.

 The “Ask” feature allows customers to ask your business a question and you can respond either publicly or privately.

 The “Submit” feature allows you to run contests or ask for content from your customers. Users can submit photo, video, audio or text submissions. You can approve content before it is published to your blog.

 Tumblr is not only a broadcast channel to make announcements, but you can also have a two-way conversation and you can engage with your customers through joining and following relevant conversations.

Tumblr Mobile App

 Tumblr is also available for your mobile phone on iOS and Android.

 The app is similar to the website including the easy-to-use dashboard.

 Tumblr also has a Bookmarklet if you find something to share while browsing the internet, you can post it to your blog directly by clicking the Bookmarklet.

Tumblr Mobile App

Making the Most of Tumblr

 The best way to increase followers and traffic to your Tumblr blog is to interact with followers. Reblogging and liking appropriate posts that pertain to your business will be helpful in drawing people to your Tumblr.

 Keep in mind the audience that you want to provide information for and cater your posts to your business and your customers’ interests.

 Additional apps on Tumblr can increase engagement:

 Disqus: a commenting platform used to increase user interaction on Tumblr posts.

 Google Analytics: can be added into the code section of your Tumblr page and will be used to study website traffic and marketing initiatives.

 Tumblr is a platform to express your company’s message by making it easy to create content and has a built-in distribution channel to share it with the world. Use Tumblr with other social media channels such as Facebook or Twitter to help spread your message.

 Tumblr also offers additional options:

 Pinned posts: for $5 you can pin a post to the top of your followers’ dashboards for 24 hours or until the post has been unpinned.

 Highlighted posts: Make your posts stand out on the dashboard, for $2 you can highlight an important post.