Tactics for growing your twitter account

Twitter Growth Strategies That Deliver

Regardless of popular opinion, Twitter is still a powerful social media platform…if you know how to use it properly. It is still possible for your brand or business to gain solid numbers of followers who can be converted into customers. However, it won’t just happen if you put Twitter on autopilot. Use a social media scheduler like Socialdraft to schedule your evergreen content like reviews, holiday posts, and recurring events. Then, take all the time you’ve saved to begin working on these Twitter growth strategies that deliver targeted followers with a higher chance of conversion.

Twitter Growth Strategies That Deliver

If you are looking to grow new Twitter followers that convert then you need to start with the basics. That means making sure your Twitter profile is optimized so that when people stumble onto your profile they know exactly what you’re offering, be that products, services, or information. Also, make sure to include a link to your website and your location to make it easier to let people know where you are at and what you’re all about.

This is not the end of it. Twitter requires work. It’s not just about creating a beautiful profile, optimizing it, and pushing out content. If you’ve always wanted to be just like one of the big brands on Twitter, read on.

Upload a Photo to your Twitter Profile

Simple is best when adding images to Twitter

Personalize your Twitter profile by uploading a good headshot or a very clear and legible logo. Having an actual picture of yourself or a clear logo of your brand will lend credibility to your account. Note the images above. All the pictures are nice, but the best photo of the bunch is Kami’s. A Twitter bio profile image is small, so make the space count. Keep your face visible, easy to see and make it easy for people to recognize.

Optimize Your Twitter Bio

How to get more followers on Twitter

Don’t forget to optimize your Twitter bio. Include the tagline associated with your product or business and keywords that will make it easier for people to find your account. Clement restaurant does this beautifully. They let you know where they are located (Midtown), ping back their home hotel, and tell you exactly what kind of fodd they serve and what makes them special. That’s some amazing stuff.

Design an About Page Specifically for Twitter

Create a custom About page on your blog or website and link to it on Twitter. Then you can introduce yourself to people using more than just 160 characters. Remember to include links to your Twitter account in your emails, blog or website.

Find Others with Similar Interests, Then Follow & Engage Their Followers

How to find targeted followers on Twitter

Search for Twitter users who have more followers than you who are in your industry. Then follow and engage their followers. These people are more likely to convert since they have vetted themselves by following verticals and competitors. If I were a retailer, I would check out the people who are following brands similar to mine. They are already interested, that means they are vetted and more likely to convert.

Follow Most People Who Follow You

Get in the habit of following people who follow you, but don’t feel you need to follow back if they’re not in your industry. If your goal is conversions, then the key is to focus. Twitter is not a popularity contest. You will get the most from it by engaging in conversation.

Stay Active

Twitter’s content scrolls by like a stock ticker. As a result, Twitter is a platform that requires a high volume of content before people start taking notice. Individuals and brands who tweet at least 3-5 times per day are much more likely to drive engagement than people who are tweeting 3-5 times per week. The more you Tweet, the more people will take notice.

With this in mind, you need to tweet quality content. Be it original content created by you or your brand, or content that you share from industry influencer, Twitter growth requires patience, and the impact you have depends greatly on the quality of your editorial voice. Basically, make sure what you share is good!

Find Influencers

You can begin looking for potential new customers and influencers on Twitter by examining keywords in both tweets and in Twitter bios. The results of these keyword searches may reveal a user’s own personal characterization, geographical location, shared interests, and industry/business affiliations. You can also examine a user’s favorite tweets to develop an insight into their interests.

The issue here is that this is hard to scale. Here are a few more tips to help you find influencers to engage:

1. Take the time to find relevant hashtags people use that are related to your niche. Nearly every type of business has a set of hashtags associated with a specific business.

2. Check out Twitter chats related to these hashtags and follow influencers — someone who is considered an authority in a particular topic. Bear in mind that it’s not the number of followers an Influencer has but rather the highest level of engagement an account has that will have the most influence on amplifying your content.

Inspire Others

Even if your content isn’t original, inspirational images and tweets inspire others to share. When they’re sharing your bite-sized content, they’re also likely sharing your @name which can help drive follower growth. There are plenty of tools on the market that will help provide a variety of high-quality content with minimal work on your part. Pictures, GIFs and videos encourage even more engagement than inspirational quotes — combine the two and you have a winning combination sure to be shared.

Be sure to be transparent and interesting in your interactions. If you happen to be a great storyteller, use that talent to attract followers. Few people will reach out to you unless they’re attempting to grow their own account, but if you take the time to reach out there are plenty of people to interact with on nearly every topic under the sun.

Schedule Your Tweets Ahead of Time

While we encourage real-time engagement, we all know that it is impossible to always be online. Instead, device an evergreen content strategy to help you save time. If you use Socialdraft’s CSV bulk upload feature, you can save tons of time on content creation. For example, you can use this to schedule product and service information, memes, reviews, informational pieces, and holiday content.

Make Use of Hashtags

Understanding the hashtags your market uses as well as their peak engagement times will drive targeted followers your way. The days of measuring success by the number of followers is long gone. You need to focus on quality of followers, and hashtags will help you in this respect.

Engage Your Audience

Creating interesting content is only part of the requirements for building an important social media platform of Twitter followers — even more important is the level of engagement, or audience interaction. This is the most time-consuming part of the equation but is also the most rewarding. As one expert notes: “Someone with a really engaged following of 1000 will do more to amplify your content than someone with 10,000 social connections they don’t engage with.” The industry insight you will gain and the contacts you can make while interacting may serve to make Twitter your most valuable professional networking tool.

What does Engage Your Audience mean? It means liking their tweets, retweeting, but most importantly replying to them. You want to create conversations. This will ensure that your Twitter community is invested in you

Quality not Quantity

Yes, we just said updating often is important. However, tweeting when you don’t actually have anything engaging to say or anything that adds to the conversation is just noise — and there is little that Twitter hates worse than noise. Besides well-written content, photos and images are an essential part of social media. Today, people expect social media posts to include quality shareable photos and images. Keep it real, keep it engaging, and keep it going, three rules to live by for Twitter.