The stats you need to know for 2017

Twitter is NOT DEAD. Here’s Why

We all keep hearing that Twitter is dead, but this is not the case. Twitter is still very much relevant and has value to offer those who use it right. If you’re just using Twitter as a dumping ground for links, then you’re not going to get any benefit from the platform. If you still don’t believe me, read on. We’ve pulled some stats and data on Twitter from 2016 so that you can see just how much you can benefit in terms of engagement, brand awareness, and sales (yes, sales) if you use the platform right.

Sources for Our Twitter Statistics For 2017


Twitter is a valid social network for marketing

Here we will discuss what the typical Twitter user is. There are currently 317 million monthly active users. That’s a lot of people, and before you start to tweet and engage, you need to understand who they are, what they want and how they want it.

Twitter Users Are All Over The World

Twitter has a strong global audience. The network supports over 40 languages and more than 79% of Twitter accounts are located outside the USA. But you don’t have to worry if you have a US based audience. 67 million Americans use Twitter (that’s 24% of the US population that uses the web). If you are wondering what countries are the heaviest when it comes to Twitter use:

  • USA – 67 million
  • Brazil – 28 million
  • Japan – 26 million
  • Mexico – 24 million

Twitter Users Are Young

  • 36% of online Americans who are Millennials use Twitter
  • 23% of online Americans who are 30-49 use Twitter
  • 21% of online Americans who are 50-64 use Twitter
  • 10% of online Americans who are 65+ use Rwitter

Twitter Users Are Educated

People who use Twitter have either gone to college or are working towards their degree. 29% of online Americans who have earned a degree use Twitter. 25% have some college education and 20% have a high school diploma.

Twitter Users Have More Money

All that education has paid off for Twitter users.  It means that Twitter users have more money to spend. Here are some stats on the financials:

  • 30% of online Americans earning $75k+ use Twitter
  • 28% of online Americans earning between $50k-$74k use Twitter
  • 18% of online Americans earning between $30k-49k use Twitter
  • 23% of online Americans earning less than $30k per year use Twitter

Both Men & Women Use Twitter

  • 24% of American men online
  • 25% of American women online

They’re on Mobile

Yup, Twitter users love apps. 58% of Twitter users installed apps within the last 30 days.


Mobile access leads the way when it comes to accessing twitter

Now that you understand who the people using Twitter are, let’s get down and dirty into how they use the platform:

Twitter Users are Repeat Offenders: Yup, 71% of Twitter users check it out more than once a day.

Twitter Users are Big About Mobile: 82% of Twitter users hop on from their mobile phones and tablets. Only 39% use it on desktop. This means that you need to keep mobile in mind when creating posts and images. Are your images easy to read on mobile? Is your font too small…Oh yeah, and 90% of all video views on Twitter happen on a mobile device.

They Tweet (a lot)

There are over 500 million Tweets sent out daily. That’s 317 million monthly active users creating 500 million Tweets daily. 30% of them are tweeting multiple times per day.

On top of this, 90% of Twitter users hop on at least on a weekly basis and 57.6% use it daily.

They Like GIFs

Who doesn’t…that’s why over 100 million Tweets in 2015 included a GIF. In 2016, Twitter recognized this, and has made it super easy for you to search GIFs to Tweet. We’re estimating a significantly larger number this year  (we’ll update with 2016 numbers as soon as those are ready).

They Want to Be Informed

Twitter users want to know what is going on in the moment. 86% of people on Twitter use it to get news, 75% of them checking the site for news daily. Once they see something on Twitter, 64% of them will share these news to other social networks.


American Brands Love Twitter

Most US companies (65.8% in 2015) that have 100+ employees use Twitter as a marketing tool. This number is expected to rise to 67.2% by 2017.

Twitter is a Good Discovery Engine for SMBs

Small an medium sized businesses have a lot to gain from Twitter. 66% of Twitter users have found new SMBs on the network. Of those people, 94% intend to make a purchase from an SMB they follow; and 69% have already made a purchase.

On top of this, 75% of Twitter users enjoy following these SMBs…and you’ll see why in a second.

Twitter is Awesome For Customer Service

There were over 100k customer service inquiries just to major airlines each month. Why? It’s much easier to find a company on Twitter and @them a question than it is to hop on their website, look for a contact form and wonder when you’ll hear back.

This means that if you are a company on Twitter, that you need to be on your toes and respond in a quick manner to any of these inquiries. Outside of just making the customer happy, studies show that 82% of people who got a quick response shared positive thoughts about the business with their community. This is a powerful way to turn a potential negative into a positive.

Twitter Users Act As brand Advocates

If Twitter users like your brand or business, they will help you spread the word. 79% of Twitter users retweet SMBs, and 38% retweet new products or services from SMBs. This means that if you need to spread the word, Twitter is a great place for it.

Twitter Users Like Shopping

Remember how we mentioned that Twitter users want news. They also want to be informed about the latest trends, products, and services from your SMB. 84% of people on Twitter use the network to find coupons, deals, reviews, and ideas. Your average Twitter user also shops online more than a non-Twitter user…3.6 times each month compared with 1.9.

If moms are your market, then Twitter is a must for you. Moms do 67% more research on products on Twitter and they are 45% more likely to buy stuff after seeing information on the product on Twitter than women without children.

The Future of Twitter

Live Streaming

Big brands are hopping on the Live Streaming wagon and you should too.  The presidential debates were live streamed and they reached 3.3 million viewers. This is powerful. On top of that, there were over 16 million debate related tweets sent out during the second debate. You may not be running for president, but you can benefit from Live Streaming in the year to come.

Twitter Advertising

This is something that we all need to come to terms across social networks. Advertising is becoming necessary.

But there is good news here. 63.5% of SMMs surveyed named Twitter as their second platform when it comes to ROI.

People on Twitter don’t look at ads in a negative manner. 85% of Twitter users feel that Promoted accounts are a good way to find new businesses, and 68% followed these businesses after being exposed to the promoted account.

Videos also do quite well on Twitter with a little help from ads. Twitter users who saw a branded video were 28% more likely to make a purchase than a regular web user and 20% higher than those who saw ads on other platforms. They also recommended the brands seen on the videos 12% more than after seeing an ad on television.

Twitter ads are especially effective during the holidays. In 2015, Twitter users who saw holiday ads spent 1.8% more than other shoppers.

Tell People What to Do

Yup, on Twitter, calls-to-action are ridiculously effective. If you ask for a follow, your follows will increase by 258% in the timeline and 86% on search. If you add a Website Card, your engagement is likely to go up 43%. This is HUGE!

How to Use Twitter to Get the Most Out Of The Network

Repeat Evergreen Content 


Yes, it is ok to repeat evergreen content, just change it up a bit. Change up the image, write up and re-package this super useful content to share on different days at different times. Keep in mind that Twitter’s audience is on at all times of the day, and the person who saw your tweet at 9am won’t be on the next day at 7pm to see it.

Engage (a lot)

How to identify the right influencers on Twitter

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