How to get more engagement on Instagram with Veteran's Day hashtags

Veteran’s Day Hashtags for Instagram

Veteran’s Day is the day when all of us in the US need to stop and thank those who have protected our rights while sacrificing their lives and their families. It is not a day to shill products or sell services. Both you and I know that people go to the beach and throw barbecues, but that’s them. You as a business or marketer cannot go down the route of promoting things on this date. If you plan to market on Instagram, then it should be a freebie or a deal. But even so, you need to handle this holiday with tact or you risk offending your audience. This is the last thing you want to do. If you’ve already devised your Instagram marketing plan, then take a few seconds to copy the Veteran’s Day hashtags below. They will help you to get more eyes on your Instagram posts so you can build a solid community, then read ahead for a few tips to get more visibility for your posts on this solemn holiday.

Veteran’s Day Hashtags

#VeteransDay #VeteransDay2019 #Veterans #usveterans #Military #usmilitary #USA #ThankAVet #Patriotic #Marines #usmarines #Army #AirForce #usairforce #CoastGuard #Navy #usnavy #navyseals #ussoldiers #americansoldier #armedforces #HonoringVets #GodBlessTheUSA

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How to Manage and Grow Your Instagram Account


Instagram marketing is a commitment. Veteran’s day is a great opportunity for you to connect with your audience, but this can’t be a one time thing. In order to be successful on Instagram, you need to be consistent in posting and consistent in engaging. This can be quite consuming, but the right tool can help.

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How to Use Veteran’s Day Hashtags

Mix in Location Tags

Use hashtags for your neighborhood and city to be seen by a local audience

CBS News is very tactful about their posts for Veteran’s Day. They use this day to tell the stories of Vets and honor their sacrifice. On this post, they not only used Veteran’s Day hashtags, but they included a location hashtag #Washington. It is both relevant to the post, and will help the post get exposure to a local audience.

Use Related Hashtags

Using industry hashtags will help you be seen by people who convert

The American History Museum combined Veteran’s Day Hashtags with hashtags related to their industry; art and history. They included #AmericanArt #AmericanHistory #MilitaryHistory #MilitaryArt #WorldWarI #WW1which will give them more reach with people who are interested in those particular topics.

Use Custom Hashtags

Custom hashtags can help you grow your brand

Not all brands and businesses will be able to do what the Giants did here. The Giants were able to brand their Veteran’s day post both on the image and on the write up because their branding is constantly patriotic. Their uniforms are red, white and blue, and they are always pushing their patriotic spirit during games. If your brand is able to follow suit, keep the post simple. By using the hashtag #Giants in the write up, the football team allows their fans, those who are actively searching for their name on Instagram to see that they care about the armed forces.

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