How to Use Retweet with Comment

Looks like Twitter is testing out a brand new feature: retweet with comment. Basically, it allows retweets to become more of a conversation and adds color to what is normally lost in a retweet. It’s a pretty cool feature (although quite a lot of people who got the feature dislike it – but that’s just fear of change), and I hope it is here to stay. This could replace quote tweet which really does not give you much freedom to add your thoughts to a retweet.

Breakdown on the functionality of each retweet option


RetweetA Retweet is when you re-post another user’s Tweet so that all your followers can see it. Retweets are usually accompanied by “RT” the abbreviation for Retweet. Twitter makes this pretty easy with their Retweet feature.

Quote TweetBasically, the same as above but this allows you to add comments. The issue with this feature has been that the 140 character limit made it so your comments would have to be super short. This is only available on the mobile app.


Retweet with Comment: From what we’ve heard, this allows you to add your own comments to a retweet, 140 of them – so the retweet can become 240 characters long. The original Tweet becomes a Twitter Card which shows up below the retweeted message.

The new feature has not been rolled out to all users and it seems to only be available on Mobile. Are you one of the lucky ones?

How can you use this feature to your advantage?

Retweet with Comment Reviews: Use “retweet with comment” to thank people who have positively mentioned your business on Twitter. This way you spread the good news and create a brand advocate in one Tweet.

Retweet with Comment Related Brands and Influencers:  Are you trying to expand your reach, “retweet with comment” those influencers you’ve been trying to reach. Since “retweets with comment” are more like a conversation, they will be more likely to reply as well.

Retweet with Comment in Answering Questions: Improve engagement with your followers by “retweeting with comment” their questions with your answers. This would also be beneficial to your other Twitter followers since they wouldn’t have to click on “view conversation” to see what the original question was.

Quote Retweet To Build Credibility: Sharing your knowledge or opinion when “retweeting with comment” relevant information to your followers will create a greater interest in your profile. Rather than your profile simply being a tool for self-promotion, you become an expert or go-to person to your followers in the industry.

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