What to do if someone steals your Instagram photos

What to do When Someone Steals Your Instagram Photos

You were just checking out hashtags on Instagram and suddenly you saw a photo that looked quite familiar. Then you realized it’s not similar…it’s yours. Now you’re wondering what to do when someone steals your Instagram photos. At some point you will have someone steal an Instagram image. It will either be a repost with no credit, or just flat out image theft. It does not matter if the image is gorgeous or ugly, but  it can feel invasive. Even worst, it could be your client’s image and it could be used to harm their brand. There are plenty of accounts that do this, but you don’t have to get used to it. Today, we’ll discuss what to do when someone steals your Instagram photos so you get results.


What to do When Someone Steals Your Instagram Photos

Difference between a proper repost and image theft

Document the theft: Screen cap the theft. Then check out the account. Take a few screenshots of the account and see if any of your other images have been stolen by these users.

Ask for Credit: Take a few seconds to comment on the image. “Thank” the account for reposting the images and ask that they give you credit. There is a small chance that this person is a new generation of internet user where they think all public content is free for them to use. If this is the case, hopefully they will apologize and credit you for your work.

A visual guide to how to report stolen copyright on Instagram


File a Copyright Complaint on InstagramThe link to your left is the place on Instagram where you can file this complaint. This works much better than the report abuse option that is available on the app. Follow the process on the form, add the links to the images in question and links to your original posts. Instagram usually removes the stolen posts in a few days.

Block the User

Instagram does not ban or remove the offending accounts. They just delete the images they stole from you. Take a few seconds to block the user. The offending image thief won’t receive a notification that you have blocked them and they won’t be able to view your posts or search for you on Instagram. That being said, there are apps such as InsTrack that will show you who has blocked you…but the majority of time these people are just looking to quickly create content by stealing someone else’s. They’ll forget about you in no time.

Let the Community Know

There are some fantastic Instagram groups on Facebook as well as reddit. Join up & let them know that a certain account is stealing images and to check the account for their own. You may be helping someone else out with this issue.

reddit Instagram

Instagram Facebook Groups

Why do Accounts Steal Instagram Images

Many times it is teenagers. They have grown up in a world where the internet has no boundaries and everything is on a freemium model. They assume things are free and are used to sites such as Pinterest or Tumblr where reposts are key.

Other times, it is accounts looking for high performing posts to boost their engagement and growth.

What Can I do to Prevent People from Stealing my Instagram Images


Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do. You can make your account private, but that kinda takes the fun out of Instagram…and if you’re working Instagram for business, this just does not make sense. You can also watermark your images. We have a whole YouTube playlist that shows you how to watermark your images using various apps. This will at least give them an extra step of cropping if they want a watermark free image.

How to Manage and Grow My Instagram Account


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