Why a Facebook Group is good for your business

Why You Need to Start a Facebook Group for Your Business

It’s no longer practical for businesses to overlook the importance of being present online. The vast majority of the world’s population uses the internet to find products and services that suit their needs and preferences. If you fail to be available to your market when they look for you, you’re practically giving up to your competitors. Among the most popular online platforms that consumers use is Facebook. There are loads of different functions and features that Facebook offers businesses to help better interact with their target market and among the best options are Facebook groups.

Yet, there are many hurdles when you’re using the more traditional pages for Facebook Marketing. Facebook’s algorithm comes to mind. It makes it so that pages that don’t get a lot of likes and comments don’t get as many views as pages that do. This means that if you are taking over from another community manager, or that if you’ve neglected your page for a while, you’ll have a hard time getting your content in front of your fans.

Facebook pages also make it harder for businesses to engage with their customer base. You can’t just message a user on Facebook (as your business) if you think they could use your services. This user needs to reach out to you first with a comment on your page, or by DMing your page.

This is why Facebook groups are great for business.  Facebook groups are a great way to get around the pesky little problems of marketing on a Facebook page.

The Benefits of a Facebook Group For Your Business

No More Confusing Algorithms – A lot of business owners will agree that while using Facebook Pages is a practical and obvious choice for those seeking to improve their brand’s online presence, the algorithm that Facebook developers use makes the benefits of using Pages very limited. This is why brands have shifted to using groups instead where they can cultivate strong relationships and develop a better reputation for absolutely free.

Easy for Introvert Entrepreneurs – Not all entrepreneurs have the charisma and social skills of public speakers. That said, introverted business owners can greatly benefit from the use of Facebook groups because it allows them to connect, interact, and develop deep relationships with their consumers without the need for face-to-face meet-ups.

Keeping it Social – People go on social media for the very reason that they want social interaction. Facebook groups provide people the feeling of belongingness and exclusivity which the vast majority of individuals crave and appreciate. This is particularly true for groups that require acceptance before granting membership, further enhancing the feeling of being part of an exclusive community.

More Freedom – A Facebook Page is a lot like a Facebook Profile – you own it so you get to decide what content gets posted. The same isn’t true for Facebook groups however, where members are all capable of sharing information, making posts, and starting conversations. It’s a free place for people to interact and there really is no one in charge, offering a much more comfortable space for sharing and contribution. That being said, you can set up any rules you want, so for example, you can set up a “no solicitation group” to prevent competitors from creeping into your community.

Strong Reliable Presence – When you place yourself as the administrator of a Facebook group, you automatically assume the responsibility of overseeing the interactions and events that occur in your sphere. This gives the users in your group the sense that you are reliable and ever-present, giving you an image of trustworthiness that comes along with the strong presence.

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