Yelp offers reservations at no cost to restaurants

Yelp Restaurant Reservations System

To say that Yelp is a controversial website is putting things mildly. However, Yelp does offer some great features to its users including analytics. In 2014, it joined the ranks of some of its competitors in offering reservations. TripAdvisor purchased French reservations website LaFourchette, Google acquired website builder Appetas, and – in turn – there is now a  Yelp Restaurant reservations system.

Yelp Restaurant Reservations System

Restaurants who have claimed their listing on Yelp are able to offer online reservations at no fee. Here’s the breakdown on the cost to restaurants by reservation system:

Yelp Restaurant Reservations: Free to restaurants with a claimed listing.

OpenTable: $1 per seated diner booked on or $0.25 per seated diner booked via the restaurant’s website.

How the Yelp Restaurant Reservations System Works

Yelp’s Free RestaurantReservations system (via SeatMe) will include some of SeatMe’s features including being able to accept invitations and send alerts to customers to confirm reservations. Restaurants will also be able to use a widget. If you are a restaurant, you’d be silly not to take advantage. Wether you like Yelp or not, your future customers are there and this feature is free.

Click the link below to claim your yelp business listing

How to Turn on Yelp’s Free Reservations

1. Claim your Yelp Listing by clicking here

2. Log onto your Yelp Business Owner Account

3. On the left-hand side, click “SeatMe”

4. Follow their instructions


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