Yelp's video reviews can be up to 12 seconds long

Yelp Video Review

We’re not at all surprised that Yelp recently announced they’ll be launching video reviews. As the world gets more and more used to the mobile web, it only makes sense that Yelp would encourage this type of content.

Yelp Video Reviews

When video reviews launch, users can add them to Yelp via its mobile app (much like pictures). This means that customers can leave feedback in real time for local businesses and places. The feature will launch next month to Yelp Elites. The feature will be released to all users in the future, but Yelp has not announced when.

About Yelp Video Reviews

  • Only available to Yelp Elites (for now)
  • 12 seconds max
  • User can select a cover photo for the review
  • Yelpers can add caption to reviews
  • At first, Yelp’s video reviews will show up with the photos but we expect they will be integrated into the review area soon.


What This Could Mean to Your business

Video reviews could turn out to be a blessing in disguise by preventing multiple negative reviews by the same person (or a competitor’s business). They could also deter people from posting fraudulent reviews by making them re-think just how much they want their face involved with a permanent online review.

It also means that businesses will need to step up their game now that everything can be uploaded to social media in seconds. We expect to see competitors follow suit.

There’s not much on the video reviews on the Yelp Blog yet…but we’ll keep you posted.

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